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Basically my text file looks like this.

 **A: lorem ipsum verade(unique)**
 a: asd
 b: asd

 c: alsd
 d: def

**B: korem ipsum vladmir(unique)**
 c: fdh
 e: asd

**C: lorum ipsum vladmir(unique)**
 a: asd
 b: asd

 d: def
 e: asd

As one can see here let say example.txt have 3 main entries(A, B, C) having multiple data. My question is hoe can I check Multiple condition for A eg i want all entries from A,B,C if a: asd and d: def. So output should be A and C. Basically I want to know how to chexk multiple line while keeping track of line earlier. I hope i made it clear.Just to remember this is a huge file so multiple loops need to be avoided if possible.


  1. You should store all the lines from main entry in a array.
  2. For every checked line where a:asd or d:def add 1 to variable(lets say "counter")
  3. If you come across new main entry print array if counter is equal 2, then clear counter and array.

1.13. Loops and Sequences, With the techniques discussed so far, it would be hard to get a program that would run 1 2 3 4 5. x = 3 # simple sequential code y = x + 2 # updating two variables y = 2*y x Since x has the value 3 when line 2 starts, x+2 is the same as 3+2. The block of lines is repeated once for each element of the sequence, so in this  In general terms, you will need to specify the output device (i.e. what your program can assume output is being written to), the host system, system settings, and a bunch of other things. And then use an API (or library) supported on the host system. Depending on your choices here, the techniques are highly variable.

This might work for you (GNU sed):

sed '/^\s*\*\*/{:a;x;//!bb;/a: asd/!bb;/d: def/!bb;p;:b;x;h;d};H;$!d;ba' file

Store multi-line collections in the hold space. Before starting a new collection, check the hold space and print it out if it conforms to the requirements. At the end of the file check the hold space one last time.

The start of a collection is denoted by a line beginning ** (or ** with some leading white space). In order for a collection to printed, it must contain the strings a: asd and d: def, otherwise it is a false collection and is best forgotten. All other lines can be appended to the current collection.

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With python:

Create an empty list to store the selected blocks: blocks=[]

Create flags to note if patterns found ('asd','def') s_asd,s_def=False,False

Make an empy list for the current block: blck=[]

Read the lines one by one and check them: If the line contains the ** and the s_asd,s_def are True, then append the current block to 'blocks'. And clear the current block('blck'), and set the flags to False. If the line doesn't contain **, check for the 'asd' or 'def' pattern and set the corresponding flags. Append the current line to 'blck'.

At the end of the cycle you must check again the flags and append the 'blck' to 'blocks' if neccessary.

Code example:

if line[:2]=="**" and line[-2:]=="**":
   if s_asd and s_def:

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$ cat tst.awk
match($0,/[[:upper:]]:/) { prt(); key=substr($0,RSTART,1) }
{ rec = rec $0 ORS }
END { prt() }
function prt() {
    if ( (rec ~ /a: asd/) && (rec ~ /d: def/) ) {
        print key
    rec = key = ""

$ awk -f tst.awk file

How to Write Beautiful Python Code With PEP 8 – Real Python, Blank Lines; Maximum Line Length and Line Breaking When you write Python code, you have to name a lot of things: variables, functions, In this case, it can be difficult to determine where the nested code block inside the if statement begins: You can also apply this to if statements where there are multiple conditions:. The Excel COUNTIFS function counts cells across multiple ranges based on one or several conditions. The function is available in Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, Excel 2010, and Excel 2007, so you can use the below examples in any Excel version.

Excel IF statement with multiple AND/OR conditions, nested IF , In summary, there can be 2 basic types of multiple conditions - with If your logical test contains the AND function, Microsoft Excel returns In Excel 2003 and lower, you can use up to 30 arguments and the total length of your formula (who know who) that works but only to a certain row and not through  Divide the array in blocks of size sqrt(n). Make a count array which stores the count of element for each block. Pick up the block which has count more than sqrt(n), setting the last block

Line Clampin' (Truncating Multiple Line Text), When you can count on text being a certain number of lines, you can create There are a couple of ways to get it done, none of them spectacular. Because we know the line-height, we can make the pseudo element box exactly one line tall. inset-block-end: 0; /* "bottom" */ inset-inline-end: 0; /* "right" font-size: 1.2​em; To run more than one line of code, you must use the multiple-line syntax. This syntax includes the End If statement, as shown in the following example. Sub AlertUser(value as Long) If value = 0 Then AlertLabel.ForeColor = "Red" AlertLabel.Font.Bold = True AlertLabel.Font.Italic = True End If End Sub

Style for Python Multiline If-Statements, PEP 8 gives a number of acceptable ways of handling multiple line I like how the code for the condition, True, and False branches all line up. This makes it easy to see the history with git-blame. Finally, I like how this style lends itself very naturally to refactoring the condition into its own variable, like so: Dim Number, Digits, MyString Number = 53 ' Initialize variable. If Number < 10 Then Digits = 1 ElseIf Number < 100 Then ' Condition evaluates to True so the next statement is executed. Digits = 2 Else Digits = 3 End If ' Assign a value using the single-line form of syntax.

  • How do you determine what's a main entry? Uppercase character followed by a colon? Are the other entries always in a format <lowercase character><colon><space><value><EOL>?
  • yes that can be used or specific keyword for such purpose.
  • What's your expected output? Just A & C for your example?
  • Yes that would be enough.
  • but the issue in this case would be that if here are multiple same entry then the counter will also increase but I want exact match like both the parameters a and d should be there...
  • So make two "counters", for a param and b param