can't build default blazor project in 0.5.1

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I can't seem to build the default blazor project in 0.5.1 and get the following error:

Error MSB3073 The command "dotnet "C:\Users\R.nuget\packages\\0.5.1\targets../tools/Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Build.dll" write-boot-json obj\Debug\netstandard2.0\WebApplication6.dll --references "C:\Users\R\Source\Repos\WebApplication6\WebApplication6\obj\Debug\netstandard2.0\blazor/bootjson-references.txt" --embedded-resources "C:\Users\R\Source\Repos\WebApplication6\WebApplication6\obj\Debug\netstandard2.0\blazor/embedded.resources.txt" --linker-enabled --output "C:\Users\R\Source\Repos\WebApplication6\WebApplication6\obj\Debug\netstandard2.0\blazor/blazor.boot.json"" exited with code -2147450730. WebApplication6 C:\Users\R.nuget\packages\\0.5.1\targets\Blazor.MonoRuntime.targets 635

change SDK version to what you installed on your machine in global.json or try to delete global.json

If you want to know which version of .net core installed, run following command:

dotnet --version

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I have got the same error. It was because i had installed .net core 2.1 preview sdk. After I downloaded the none-preview it worked fine.

You can download it over thins link:

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In my case it was caused by spaces in the Project Name (or somewhere in the folder structure). I completely removed spaces (and replaced some with underscores _) and that did the trick for me.

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  • What does dotnet --version in your app path say?