What is the reason for the error "Device supports x86, but APK only supports armeabi-v7a"

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I am playing around with Android Studio by testing some projects out from GitHub and when I try to emulate the apk, it does not let me choose an emulator.

It tells me:

Device supports x86, but APK only supports armeabi-v7a

Why does it do this?

I had the same problem, I checkout the build.gradle from module:app. It turns out that there's a such config:

    ndk {
        abiFilters "armeabi-v7a", "x86"

when I commented all out, everything worked fine.

I was trying to deal with the React Native Android project.

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Turn off USB debugging and turn it back on the hardware device.

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In Android Studio, select the Build menu,

then click Select Build Variant... and in 'Build Variants' window select x86Debug(or release)

PS: Im using Android Studio 2.3 on Mac

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On Linux: File > Invalidate Cache / Restart On phone: Instead Charge this device change to Transfer photos (PTP)

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In my case of Linux machine adb devices showed

List of devices attached 
44b194f5    no permissions

Then restarted the adb server

sudo adb kill-server

and then

sudo adb start-server

then connect your device turn Debugging on and type

adb devices
List of devices attached 
44b194f5    device

Finally was able to run on the device

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  • What AVD did you use? What System Image? What GitHub project?
  • In other words, the Intel x86 images aren't going to run ARM code.
  • github.com/jreyes/mirror
  • I wanted to use a Nexus 10 running android 5.1
  • Okay, and did you use the ARM eabi v7 system image or an Intel Atom x86 image? Check your SDK manager what you have installed.
  • I think you meant build.gradle ;)
  • I had the same problem and for me "x86" was just missing there
  • This worked for me - however all I had to do was allow debug on my actual device and I could uncomment this line again.
  • Restarting device solved problem for me
  • Those comments I would normally downvote, but actually, it works!
  • This works because the Allow computer to connect to this device prompt didn't display the first time, but did the second time.