Why am I getting "Unable to find manifest signing certificate in the certificate store" in my Excel Addin?

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I've got an Excel add-in project that was created a couple years back in Visual Studio 2008. It's got some changes to be made so I've upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 (the only IDE I am able to use). Not sure if this is causing the problem but it's background information.

When I check out the code and compile it I get the error, "Error 1 Unable to find manifest signing certificate in the certificate store."

Can anyone tell me what this means and how to fix it?

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I found this solution which solved the problem for me: Removing all entries in your *.csproj that fall into:


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A quick solution to get me going was to uncheck the "Sign the ClickOnce manifests" in: Project -> (project name)Properties -> Signing Tab

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When the project was originally created, the click-once signing certificate was added on the signing tab of the project's properties. This signs the click-once manifest when you build it. Between then and now, that certificate is no longer available. Either this wasn't the machine you originally built it on or it got cleaned up somehow. You need to re-add that certificate to your machine or chose another certificate.

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Adding new certificate resolved this issue for me. Properties page -> signing -> Click on Create test certificate

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  • In Project's properties page you can go to Signing tab then uncheck the checkbox "Sign the ClickOnce manifests".
  • @RubensMariuzzo - not if you actually want to sign it
  • The uncheck is impossible for Office Add-ins and will be checked back.
  • How can the "Create test certificate" operation be done on a build server?
  • This is necessary when then application used to be ClickOnce but is no longer (checkbox grayed out in Signing tab)
  • also worked for me. apparently there were some leftovers in the project file from some experimenting we did on it that had to be cleaned manually. BTW - I also had to remove the .snk file from the project. so for me it was: remove .snk, disable signing, edit the project file, reload project, and enable signing.
  • Apparently needed if you had ever checked ClickOnce and then switched to Sign Assembly.
  • This is the best answer.
  • Unchecking the "Signing the ClientOnce Manifest" doesn't always work. The solution is to remove the mentioned lines from your csproj files
  • I had to uncheck both Sign the ClickOnce manifests and Sign the assembly check boxes under signing tab in project properties to get rid of the issue. I was not using any signing at all.
  • "You need to re-add that certificate to your machine or chose another certificate." If you know how to add the certificate, then it would be very helpful to state the how in this thread or a link to the how in this thread. As is, you answer is only half an answer.
  • Project Properties page > Signing in vertical tabs > Click on Create test certificate. And don't forget to commit a new created file You.Project_TemporaryKey.pfx because .pfx files are often ignored.
  • I think this solution is the only one proper for Visula Studio Office projects.
  • Is there a way to do this on a build server (via the command line)?