Can I use MySQL Workbench to create MariaDB?

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I am totally new to databases. I would like to create a database; I am going to make a small project which is going to use DB. I am going to use Maria DB as it is totally free for commercial use.

The question is: Can I use MySQL workbench program to create a database and then transform/change it to MariaDB?

From my experience -- Sure, you can use MySQL Workbench with MariaDB. However, I have tried basic functionalities only, like queries, schema design etc. Not sure about compatibility of advanced features.

How to use SQL Workbench to connect to MariaDB?, Does anybody know a good GUI/Work bench tool to handle ARIA dbForge Studio for MySQL v.6.1 now works with any MariaDB database servers, and  This quickstart demonstrates how to connect to an Azure Database for MariaDB instance by using MySQL Workbench. Prerequisites. This quickstart uses the resources that are created in either of the following guides as a starting point: Create an Azure Database for MariaDB server by using the Azure portal

GUI/Workbench for MariaDB Aria?, With MySQL WorkBench you have a newer GUI packed with WorkBench installed then you can follow the steps below to make a connection:. Having tried for the first time, I downloaded SQL Workbench, downloaded MariaDB Java Client. Loaded up workbench. Under File -> Manage Drivers, selected New Driver (on top left), selected the MariaDB Java Client just downloaded.

Yes, although connecting to view existing database on a remote MariaDB server will crash the current client (6.3.10). I use it mainly to deploy database models and that works fine, even on remote servers.

I just deployed to a MariaDB 10.3 server with that client and it worked fine, see screenshot.

Manage MySQL/MariaDB Databases via MySQL WorkBench , MariaDB. It has a native build and sleek UI, but currently available on Mac only. MariaDB is a MySQL fork, hence Workbench will work with it. But MariaDB  Using an old MySQL Version, MySQL Workbench will forward engineer a compatible MariaDB SQL file. Currently (Oct 2019) the generated SQL_MODE output is still compatible with MariaDB. Just like InnoDB, which is also preferred when using MariaDB in most cases.

So my experiences are, yes you can use MySQL Workbench for MariaDB database designs.

However I needed to change the "Default Target MySQL Version" to 5.7.

This can be done by going to: Edit->Preferences in the menu. And finally to Modeling->MySQL.

Since the latest MySQL version, v8.x, the SQL statements are not compatible with MariaDB statements (like creating an index). MariabDB creating an index on a table:

INDEX `fk_rsg_sub_level_rsg_top_level1_idx` (`rgs_top_level_id` ASC)



INDEX `fk_rsg_sub_level_rsg_top_level1_idx` (`rgs_top_level_id` ASC) VISIBLE

MariaDB can't handle this VISIBLE keyword in this example. Using an old MySQL Version, MySQL Workbench will forward engineer a compatible MariaDB SQL file.

Currently (Oct 2019) the generated SQL_MODE output is still compatible with MariaDB. Just like InnoDB, which is also preferred when using MariaDB in most cases.

What is the MySQL workbench equivalent for MariaDB?, Once your MySQL server is configured to accept remote connections, you can connect to it using MySQL Workbench. Follow these steps: Launch MySQL  Content reproduced on this site is the property of its respective owners, and this content is not reviewed in advance by MariaDB. The views, information and opinions expressed by this content do not necessarily represent those of MariaDB or any other party.

Configure MySQL Workbench, On the server's Overview page, make a note of the values for Server name and Server admin login name. If you forgot your password, you can  In this guide, we’ll demonstrate how to install and configure MySQL or MariaDB to use with your Django applications. We will install the necessary software, create database credentials for our application, and then start and configure a new Django project to use this backend. To get started, you will need a clean Ubuntu 14.04 server instance

Connect using MySQL Workbench, I have tried to use MySQL Workbench with local MariaDB server. I can connect no problem to the database server with mysql workbench, but when I try to run queries on a site I created to the default site that the install  MySQL Workbench enables you to quickly and securely connect to your MySQL databases using an SSH tunnel. To do this, follow these steps: You can now run queries, create tables, and more. For

Connecting MariaDB on MySQL Workbench - ERPNext, It does make sense that Oracle doesn't bother supporting a fork competing with Workbench is warning you about potential incompatibilities, not MySQL 5.5 is compatible with MariaDB 5.5 and also in practice with MariaDB 10.0). We do monthly merges with the MySQL code base to ensure we keep  Before you begin, be sure that the security group associated with your DB instance allows traffic to and from the device that you use to connect to it. For more information, see Amazon RDS Security Groups. After you download and install MySQL Workbench, specify the host name and port of your DB instance.

  • possible duplicate of Can MySQL seamlessly be replaced with MariaDB or are there things to change in this case?
  • From mariaDb kb : - So, yes.
  • NO - Mysql Workbench (mysql-workbench-639-w64-2017-5.msi GPL software) will crash while trying to connect with MariaDb (10.1.21-MariaDB, GPL, in Xampp) on Win7. Mentioned elsewhere on the web, that it only works with oracle's mysql, this omission of information on download pages is not befitting a GPL software.
  • Creating foreign keys and some other stuff seems to crash MySQL workbench most of the time. So you might want to look into something else (PHPMyAdmin for example).
  • It is the same reason I had shifted to [SQLyog] ( for bigger deployments.
  • And Database Workbench has official MariaDB support now.
  • HeidiSQL and SQLyog are only available for windows and Heidi SQL is said to be able to run with Wine on Linux but I haven't tested it yet.
  • This site has great list of alternatives