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How do I check if a given directory contains another directory in shell. I want to pass 2 full path directories. (I know this is stupid, but just for learning purposes). Then I want to see if any one of those 2 paths is contained in the other one.


if [ -d $child ]; then
    echo "YES"
    echo "NO"

this however makes no use of the parent directory. Only checks if the child exists.

You can use find to see if one name is contained within another:

result=$(find "$parent" -type d -name "$child")
if [[ -n $result ]]
then echo YES
else echo NO

How to check if a given directory contains any other directory in , To check if a directory contains any directory or not, simply check the reverse, ie, if it contains any entry that is not a file using the isfile method. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more How to check if a directory contains another directory in Powershell?

Create a file (ex: with this code:


function dircontains_syntax {
    local msg=$1
    echo "${msg}" >&2
    echo "syntax: dircontains <parent> <file>" >&2
    return 1

function dircontains {
    local result=1
    local parent=""
    local parent_pwd=""
    local child=""
    local child_dir=""
    local child_pwd=""
    local curdir="$(pwd)"
    local v_aux=""

    # parameters checking
    if [ $# -ne 2 ]; then
        dircontains_syntax "exactly 2 parameters required"
        return 2

    # exchange to absolute path
    parent="$(readlink -f "${parent}")"
    child="$(readlink -f "${child}")"

    # direcory checking
    if [ ! -d "${parent}" ];  then
        dircontains_syntax "parent dir ${parent} not a directory or doesn't exist"
        return 2
    elif [ ! -e "${child}" ];  then
        dircontains_syntax "file ${child} not found"
        return 2
    elif [ ! -d "${child}" ];  then
        dir_child=`dirname "${child}"`

    # get directories from $(pwd)
    cd "${parent}"
    cd "${curdir}"  # to avoid errors due relative paths
    cd "${dir_child}"

    # checking if is parent
    [ "${child_pwd:0:${#parent_pwd}}" = "${parent_pwd}" ] && result=0

    # return to current directory
    cd "${curdir}"
    return $result

Then run these commands


dircontains path/to/dir/parent any/file/to/test

# the result is in $? var 
# $1=0, <file> is in <dir_parent>
# $1=1, <file> is not in <dir_parent>
# $1=2, error

Obs: - Tested only in ubuntu 16.04/bash - In this case, the second parameter can be any Linux file

Python: Check if a directory is empty, A Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and  Check if directory contains files using python Finding if a directory is empty or not in Python can be achieved using the listdir() method of the os library. OS module in Python provides functions for interacting with the operating system.

Pure bash, no external commands used:


[[ $child && $parent ]] || exit 2 # both arguments must be present
child_dir="${child%/*}"           # get the dirname of child
if [[ $child_dir = $parent && -d $child ]]; then
  echo YES
  echo NO

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You can accomplish this in pure bash. Loop over every file in $1 and see if "$1/$2" is a dir, like so:

child=$(basename $2)
if [ -d $parent ] && [ -d $child ]; then
    for child in $parent; do
        if [ -d "$parent/$child" ]; then
            echo "Yes"
            echo "No"

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Test-Path, The Test-Path cmdlet determines whether all elements of the path exist. any files in the Commercial Buildings directory other than .dwg files. In this case, because the directory contains only .dwg files, the result is $False . Joseph's nullglob approach is the most elegant but if you don't want to or can't use that (non-bash shell or older bash version for example), you can also do this (assuming your file names contain no newlines):

Learning the shell - Lesson 2: Navigation, The root directory contains files and subdirectories, which contain more files and While drive letters split the file system into a series of different trees (one for  If you want to check if the directory the script/program is currently in contains a subdirectory, you can use the trick I demonstrate below - where I check if there's a subdirectory called "Windows". In PowerShell, the namespace "System" doesn't have to be typed in explicitly, so you can omit it.

  • You want to see if $parent is a parent of $child at some level? That's a string prefix check (assuming you aren't worried about symlinks, ../ games, etc.).
  • Use find -type d -name "$child".
  • The reason why this won't work is because in the second if stattement, you are appending the entire child path to the parent path. This results in a non-existent directory and it will always result in NO.
  • @Kanny Bros, use child=$(basename $2) if you'd only like the folder name of $child instead of its absolute path.