$_.passwordLastset.AddDays(30) for each language/country

ldapfilter pwdlastset
powershell password older than 90 days
get-aduser older than 90 days
change pwdlastset to today
password last set active directory
password last set keeps changing
get adgroupmember password last set
aduser password last set

I am close of the end to finish my project but I am looking for some help .

How can I format the date for each language because $_.passwordLastset.AddDays(30) return like Friday, July 27, 2018 2:44:14 PM . I would like Vendredi 27 juillet a 14h44 for french people example . I found formatdatetime but I can't found how to use it . vendredi =day juillet =month

Thank you for you help .

Rather than just passing the [DateTime] to the output (which leads to the default formatting in the current culture) explicitly format.

$frfr = new-object System.Globalization.CultureInfo 'fr-fr'

You can of course also pass a format string if you don't want that culture's default format

[datetime]::Now.ToString('F', $frfr)

Getting list of AD users with password last set more than X days ago , AddDays(-30) $Users = Get-ADUser -Filter {PasswordLastSet -LT $Date} -​Properties You also don't need to return all properties so I limited it to those 2. Try this: PasswordNeverExpires, SamAccountName | Where-Object { -not $_. 0 passwordLastSet and password expired soon for each language and then send an email Jul 22 '18 0 $_.passwordLastset.AddDays(30) for each language/country Jul 27 '18 0 how to access neteller account by Invoke-WebRequest Apr 25 '19

thank all ,with your help I found how to it and also I share usefull link https://www.reddit.com/r/PowerShell/comments/2comxz/how_to_adjust_the_datetime_readout_according_to/ I will try then give you a feelback

April | 2014, AddDays( $SecondPasswordWarningDays ) PasswordLastSet -le '$​SecondPasswordDateLimit' -AND We now got all the users, we just need to loop through them and send out the e-mails. This is where $_ -HostName myhost$_.contoso.com -GridServer $MyInfobloxGrid -Credential $MyCredential }. The table below lists the official language of each country as well as other languages spoken. In selected countries, the percent of the population that speaks each language is also given. Azerbaijani Turkic 89%, Russian 3%, Armenian 2%, other 6%

In addition to @Richard's answer - you can also use LCID's:

1030..1036 | % {
  $culture = [System.Globalization.CultureInfo]::GetCultureInfo($_)

27. juli 2018 16:01:45
Freitag, 27. Juli 2018 16:01:45
Παρασκευή, 27 Ιουλίου 2018 4:01:45 μμ
Friday, July 27, 2018 4:01:45 PM
viernes, 27 de julio de 2018 16:01:45
27. heinäkuuta 2018 16:01:45
vendredi 27 juillet 2018 16:01:45

Sending custom “password is about to expire” notifications with , In our case, we needed to have different languages for different countries, the instructions were different AddDays( $SecondPasswordWarningDays ) PasswordLastSet -le '$SecondPasswordDateLimit' -AND We now got all the users, we just need to loop through them and send out the e-mails. Definitions Official language: one designated as having a unique legal status in the state, typically, the language used in a nation's legislative bodies, and often, official government business Regional language: one designated as having official status limited to a specific area, administrative division, or territory of the state (on this page a regional language will have parentheses next

I will code this question by this . I wrote a function who can you use for your script .

Function code ($code) https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/embedded/ms912047(v=winembedded.10) {

$culture =[System.Globalization.CultureInfo]::GetCultureInfo($code)


code 1079

Example of usage in my script .replace('$FULLNAME',$_.DisplayName).replace('$EXPIRE',(code 1079))

$expire in my email will be replaced by the full date .

I can confirm is perfectly fine . that's so cool .

thank you everyone for your help ,that's great community .

PowerTip: Use PowerShell to Work with Active Directory Date Fields , Password last set within the last 30 days? $pwdLastSet Option B. [datetime]::​fromFileTimeUTC($pwdLastSet) -gt (Get-Date).AddDays(-30). Papua New Guinea has the most languages in the world – over 800. Indonesia isn't far behind with over 700. Languages are spread unequally throughout the world.

[PDF] Live Response Using PowerShell, PowerShell is an in-built tool or scripting language that comes bundled with 27. Typed URLs. 28. Important registry keys. 29. File timeline. 30. Important event logs. run in the background or interactively if a particular country's privacy policy Instrumentation (WMI), which means that all the WMI commands that incident. If you chose to learn a language through structured lessons, the minimum amount of time it will take you for the easiest rated languages on the FSI scale is 600 hours over the course of 6 months, and the hardest rated languages will take almost 2 years and 2200 hours to master. If you choose to learn through immersion, you can learn the

[PDF] The Powershell Book Generator PowerShell with , To identify each object, use one of the following property values. Adds the resource properties named "Country" and "Authors" to the global Identity Administrator | where { $_. PowerShell® expression language to write query strings for Active Directory Filter 'PasswordLastSet -ge $d' -Properties PasswordLastSet |. About 5% can do so in French. Over two-thirds of respondents said English was one of the two most useful languages, compared to 17% for German and 16% for French. So for the first time since the Roman Empire Europe now has a language a large chunk of its people can converse with each other in. That is something to be celebrated, not scorned.

Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS), You must always specify a default language and for each language addDays(-​$numDaysLOGToKeep) -and -not $_.psiscontainer} Properties.pwdlastset[0]))) -Format $formatDateTime $listOfQueriedUsersObj. Secondly you need to select the name set(s), countries, gender and age of that objects. As of the year 2015, Christianity has more than 2.4 billion adherents, out of about 7.5 billion people. The faith represents one-third of the world's population and is the largest religion in the world, with the three largest groups of Christians being the Catholic Church, Protestantism, and the Eastern Orthodox Church. The largest Christian denomination is the Catholic Church, with 1.3 billion baptized members. The second largest Christian branch is either Protestantism, or the Eastern Orthodox

  • Take a look at (blogs.technet.microsoft.com/heyscriptingguy/2011/08/25/…)
  • thank you so much I found something and I will try it $LocaleNL = New-Object System.Globalization.CultureInfo("nl-NL") #Dutch (Netherlands) Locale $LocaleEN = New-Object System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-US") #English (US) Locale $LocaleFR = New-Object System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fr-FR") #french local time (Get-Date).adddays(90).tostring("dddd, yyyy-MM-dd",$LocaleNL) (Get-Date).adddays(90).tostring("dddd, yyyy-MM-dd",$LocaleEN) (get-Date).AddDays(90).tostring("dddd, dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss",$LocaleFR)