Can you help me with a regex to match 2 different sections as a group from 1 string

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I need a bit of help with this. I’m expecting to get the matches:

  • My Section
  • Paragraph(b)

However, I seem to be including all the words in the middle rather than extracting them.

[\W]My Section[\W].*?\b(Paragraph[\s])\b


"My Section" has the meaning specified in Paragraph 3(a) of this Annex.

I am making the assumption that the "My Section" portion will always be in quotes.


This regex will have two matched groups, one for the quoted part, and one for the Paragraph location.

Demo Here

Regular Expression (Regex) Tutorial, One line of regex can easily replace several dozen lines of programming codes. For novices, go to the next section to learn the syntax, before looking at these To match a character having special meaning in regex, you need to use a A Sequence of Characters (or String): Strings can be matched via combining a  Group 3 ([a-z\.]{2,5}) - Lastly, the third group matches the top level domain. This section looks for any group of letters or dots that are 2-5 characters long. This can also account for region-specific top level domains. Therefore, with the regex expression above you can match many of the commonly used emails such as for example. 2. Matching a phone number

[PDF] Regular Expressions: The Complete Tutorial, 1. Specialized Tools and Utilities for Working with Regular Expressions . A regular expression (regex or regexp for short) is a special text string for describing a search This will help you to understand quickly why a particular regex does not in the section on Unicode blocks, the characters they match are quite different. Once again you would have to split the string by that APPLICATION line. Reading settings from string instead of file. But why would you complicate you life like that if you can just use regex for the splitted string? I don't know what you want to do only that or read individual items from movie maker or Terraria and so on. If not, use regex.

The regex depends on language that you are using, if i get your question right, your regex should look like this

.*(My Section).*?(Paragraph\s?.*?)\s.*

Groups will be: 1. whole-text 2. My Section 2. Paragraph 3(a)

Substitutions in Regular Expressions, The replacement pattern can consist of one or more substitutions along Includes a copy of the entire match in the replacement string. None of the other regular expression language elements, including For example, in the regular expression (\w)(?<digit>\d) , the index of the digit named group is 2. You can skip the topics that don't pertain to your regex engine or to regex features you aren't planning to use in the coming days, but the next three paragraphs (in which I've made sure to insert a streak of yellow) are required reading if you want to understand how group numbering works.

Regular Expressions :: Eloquent JavaScript, In this chapter, I will discuss one such tool, regular expressions. They form a small, separate language that is part of JavaScript and many Both of the following expressions match all strings that contain a digit: Groups can be useful for extracting parts of a string. If we Refer to the table in the chapter summary for help. The next two columns work hand in hand: the "Example" column gives a valid regular expression that uses the element, and the "Sample Match" column presents a text string that could be matched by the regular expression. You can read the tables online, of course, but if you suffer from even the mildest case of online-ADD (attention deficit

Searching with Regular Expressions (RegEx), With RegEx you can use pattern matching to search for particular strings of characters RegEx can help you in cases where you need to find different numbers that match each serial number, you can construct one regular expression to match the Character group, matches the characters abc or 123 in that exact order. Match string not containing string Given a list of strings (words or other characters), only return the strings that do not match.

(Tutorial) Python Regular Expression, You can easily tackle many basic patterns in Python using the Parts of a regular expression pattern bounded by parenthesis() are called groups The username. (group 1). print( # The host. (group 2) Note that None is different from finding a zero-length match at some point in the string. Thus, the second expression will only match {2} because the regex machine will perform even more backtracking, and during this process it will discover that the only valid match is: 1. initial { is matched 2. 2 is matched 3. final } is matched The stack is now empty and will pass the validation since it has never been pushed.

  • Will My Section portion always be within quotes?
  • Regex does not "extract" text... but most regex APIs allow you to view the contents of groups.
  • What do you mean you want to match "Paragraph(b)"? I don’t see that string inside the text you posted.
  • tx. it seems to be putting single quotes around the text, is that normal? Also the first text is always the text My Section not Another section. Is there a way to exclude the full match and just have the groups?
  • @user1898525 There is no way to exclude the entire match using only one match. You could use two regex statements if you want to match each seperately
  • So, using a coding language, I can extract the groups? I need to end up with 2 variables that say My Section and Paragraph (a). Also, why are there single quotes around the My Section text in the demo?