How can I create a custom page with #react-admin without the menu sidebar like login page?

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I am using react-admin previously admin-on-rest. I want to create a custom page that doesn't show the Menu sidebar, like Login page. I will use this page reset user's password. How can I do that?

This is not obvious in the documentation but the Route actually accepts a noLayout prop:


React-admin - Admin and Resource Components, › marmelab › react-admin › blob › master › docs › The If you want a sub-menu, you should create a custom menu, following the instructions given in the official react-admin documentation and implement the Material-UI's nested-list logic. This is a simple example of what your sub-menu could look like,

Add a custom route with the component you want to render. When route is successful the specified component will be presented. No Menu will be shown just whatever you have in the component you send as prop to Route.

The way you put the question it seemed like you were trying to have a custom page that hadn't a MenuItemLink in Menu. Had to reread the question to understand what you wanted.

react-admin/ at master · marmelab/react-admin · GitHub, GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and Here we override the `form` class const useFilterStyles = makeStyles({ form: sidebar, the appBar, the menu, the notification component, or the error page. Display the same loading component as react-admin on custom pages for consistency. and not like this: document.addEventListener(‘click’, this.handleClickOutside.bind(this), true); You were basically right, it was a problem with binding. Well, thank you very much! I really appreciate your work. I would recommend you to update this page, if you can. Bests, Rosario

I'd like to add on to Gildas Garcia's answer. After you added the customed routes as shown in the documentation, you need to add a hash # in front of the route url to be able to view the content. For example, if you are displaying the view at localhost:3000/, and one of your routes is

<Route exact path="/foo" component={Foo} />,

then you should go to localhost:3000/#/foo to view the content.

react-admin/ at master · marmelab/react-admin · GitHub, yarn create react-app test-admin cd test-admin/ yarn add react-admin That means that writing a custom Field component is really straightforward. For instance The sidebar menu shows the same icon for both posts and users. By default, react-admin displays the list page of the first Resource element as home page. Using a Predefined Theme. Material UI also supports complete theming out of the box. Material UI ships two base themes: light and dark. React-admin uses the light one by default. To use the dark one, pass it to the <Admin> component, in the theme prop (along with createMuiTheme()).

Theming · React-Admin, Every react-admin component provides a className property, which is always applied Icon; // The Filter component supports the `form` and `button` CSS classes. { AppBar, Menu, Notification, Sidebar, setSidebarVisibility, } from 'react​-admin'; If you use your own layout (or custom login page), then you probably use the  Now, before getting our hands dirty with React, we’ll prepare the entry page for our app. This page will tell the browser what it must load before we initialize React and our application. So create a new directory named build, then within that, put a file named index.html. Our server will serve all of our static files from this folder.

15+ Best React Admin Templates 2020, Sing App is a powerful tool for creating admin pages for software, Design choices like a fixed sidebar and hover-activated animations all This includes login and registration templates, lock screen layouts, and user profile designs. create custom designs for your pages, this React admin template will  As soon as you provide an authProvider prop to <Admin>, react-admin displays a logout button in the top bar (or in the menu on mobile). When the user clicks on the logout button, this calls the authProvider.logout() method, and removes potentially sensitive data from the Redux store. Then the user gets redirected to the login page.

Best React Admin Dashboard Templates For 2020, So, without the assistance of the Admin dashboard, it is quite That is why we have listed the best react admin dashboard templates to make your task super easy. adaptive and very easy to customize. so, with Argon you can smoothly includes 45+ pages with a lot of features. like the previous template,  Installation. Installing Simple Page Sidebars is just like installing most other plugins. Check out the codex if you have any questions.. Setup. After installation, go to the Reading options panel (the Reading link under Settings) and choose which of your registered sidebars is the default sidebar.

  • I don't want to change all my Layout . I just want to create a page that is not in the react-admin layout
  • You can achieve this using custom menu.
  • Thanks for your answer . I already have a custom Menu. I just want to have a page like login page to reset a user password.
  • If anyone knows how to get rid of the hash # in the url please let me know!
  • It depends on the router history you're using. You can pass your own to react-admin