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Is there any fast way to remove all data from the local database? Like SQL 'drop database'?

I was looking through the documentation but haven't found anythig interesting yet.

You can do this by clearing the entire range of keys.

In Python, it looks like this:

Database.clear_range('', '\xFF')

Where '' is the default slice begin, and '\xFF' is the default slice end, according to the clear_range documentation.

You can find the more information on clear_range for the API you're using in the documentation.

How to clear all keys in FoundationDB using Java?, How to clean FoundationDB? foundationdb. answered by jrullmann on 03:35AM - 29 Jan 14 UTC. It uses the Python API with '' as start and  Developer Guide. FoundationDB’s scalability and performance make it an ideal back end for supporting the operation of critical applications. FoundationDB provides a simple data model coupled with powerful transactional integrity. This document gives an overview of application development using FoundationDB, including use of the API,

The "CLI" way

Using the provided fdbcli interface, you can clear all the keys in the database using a single clearrange command, like this:

fdb> writemode on
fdb> clearrange "" \xFF
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Be warned that it executes instantly and that there is no undo possible!

Also, any application still connected to the database may continue reading/writing data using cached directory subspace prefixes, which may introduce data corruption! You should make sure to only use this method when nothing is actively using the cluster.

This method requires that your cluster be in a working state, and it will not immediately reclaim the space used on disk, and also will not reset the cluster's read version.

The "hard" way

If you have a single-node cluster, you can stop the fdb service, remove all files in its data_dir folder, restart the service, and then using fdbcli, execute the configure new single ssd command.

This will reclaim the disk space used previously, and reset everything back to the post-install state.

Administration, When you initially install FoundationDB, a default fdb.cluster file will be placed at a system-dependent location: Linux: /etc/foundationdb/fdb.cluster  One cup of borax should be mixed with 1 qt. of hot water in a clean bucket. Moldy foundation walls can then be scrubbed down using a stiff scrub brush, and the diluted borax. The walls should not be rinsed after scrubbing. Simply, allow the borax solution to dry on the walls, and then vacuum up the residue the next day.

To do this programmatically in Java: -> {
            final byte[] st = new Subspace(new byte[]{(byte) 0x00}).getKey();
            final byte[] en = new Subspace(new byte[]{(byte) 0xFF}).getKey();
            tx.clear(st, en);
            return null;

Developer Guide, FoundationDB's core data model is an ordered key-value store. to all user-​specified keys will avoid the reserved range and create a clean key space. FoundationDB.Client.dll: Contains the core types (FdbDatabase, FdbTransaction, ) and infrastructure to connect to a FoundationDB cluster and execute basic queries, as well as the Tuple and Subspace layers. FoundationDB.Layers.Commmon.dll: Contains common Layers that emulates Tables, Indexes, Document Collections, Blobs,

foundationdb/ at master · apple/foundationdb · GitHub, FoundationDB - the open source, distributed, transactional key-value store Please cleanup any instance level snapshots created with UID %s.\n", e.code()  Questions tagged [foundationdb] Ask Question FoundationDB is a new-generation database built to support a diverse set of applications and data models while delivering exceptional performance, data consistency, and operational resilience.

FoundationDB Layers (2018), A few days ago Apple open-sourced FoundationDB - a transactional (ACID) into a single process and instructed it to restart and wipe all data when requested​. FoundationDB and MySQL can be primarily classified as "Databases" tools. "ACID transactions" is the top reason why over 2 developers like FoundationDB, while over 777 developers mention "Sql" as the leading cause for choosing MySQL. MySQL is an open source tool with 3.91K GitHub stars and 1.54K GitHub forks.

How to clean FoundationDB? - foundationdb, Is there any fast way to remove all data from the local database? Like SQL 'drop database'? I was looking through the documentation but haven't found anythig  Step 3. Place the sewer snake into the end of the foundation drain pipe. Push the cable contained in the sewer snake through the pipe to push the dirt and debris in the pipe out the drainage end. On the end of the sewer snake cable is an auger, a blade which rotates as you push the snake through the pipe.

  • Java version: public void clearDB() { Function<Transaction, Void>() { public Void apply(final Transaction tr) { tr.clear(new Range(Tuple.from("").pack(), Tuple.from("xFF").pack())); return null; } }); }
  • "execute the create new single ssd command." That should be " execute the configure new single ssd command"
  • You are correct, I fixed the command with the correct keyword.