How to upload a R data frame into a google drive ?

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I am using googledrive package from CRAN. But, function - drive_upload lets you upload a local file and not a data frame. Can anybody help with this?

Just save a data_frame in question to a local file. Most basic options would be saving to CSV or saving an RData.


test <- data.frame(a = 1)
tempFileCon <- file()
write.csv(test, file = tempFileCon)

Since clarified it is not possible to use temporary file we could use a file connection.

test <- data.frame(a = 1)
tempFileCon <- file()
write.csv(test, file = tempFileCon)

And now we have the file conneciton in memory that we can use to provide for other functions. Caveat - use literal object name to address it and not quotations like you would with actual files.

Write data.frame to Google Sheet and place in a specific Google , Write data.frame to Google Sheet and place in a specific Google Drive like using the iris dataset and a folder in "My Drive" called "R/Demo": You can upload files into private or shared folders. On your computer, go to At the top left, click New File Upload. Choose the file you want to upload. Drag files into Google Drive. On your computer, go to Open or create a folder. To upload files and folders, drag them into the Google Drive folder. Use Backup & Sync

Unfortunately I can find no way to push the dataframe up directly, but just to document for others trying to get the basics accomplished that this question touches upon is with the following code that writes a local .csv and then bounces it up through tidyverse::googledrive to express itself as a googlesheet.

write_csv(iris, 'df_iris.csv')
drive_upload('df_iris.csv', type='spreadsheet')

An Interface to Google Drive • googledrive, This is a data frame with one row per file. A dribble is returned (and accepted) by almost every function in googledrive. Design goals: Give humans what they want:​  Create a Dropbox app in your account. Get the credentials info. Authorize your access to the Dropbox app from R. Save that info for later use. dropbox_save() Then uploading any type of R object to Dropbox becomes as easy as using the dropbox_save() function. For example, lets save a simple vector with random data.

You can achieve this using gs_add_row from googlesheets package. This API accepts dataframes directly as input parameter and uploads data to the specified google sheet. Local files are not required.

From the help section of ?gs_add_row:

"If input is two-dimensional, internally we call gs_add_row once per input row."

An simple R interface to Google Documents, We can put this "permanently" into a Curl handle so that we don't need to specify it in all $id [1] " the entire worksheet into a data frame and then use R's regular subsetting. I would like to read in R a dataset from google drive as the screenshot indicated. R How to read a file from google drive using R. copy and paste this URL

[PDF] Package 'googledrive', Description Manage Google Drive files from R. License MIT + file Data frame or dribble consisting solely of Team Drives. • List representing  Importing data into R from google spreadsheet. There seems to be a change in the google spreadsheet publishing options. It is no longer possible to publish to the web as csv or tab file (see this recent post).

put a data.frame into a Google spreadsheet · Issue #1 · jennybc , going from an R data.frame TO a Google spreadsheet. Not writing to just one cell but a bulk write. Upload & view files. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Drive app. Tap Add . Tap Upload. Find and tap the files you want to upload. View uploaded files in My Drive until you move them.

tidyverse/googledrive, upload a data frame to google drive, make it shareable, and # copy the shareable link into the clipboard When direct = TRUE , the link can be immediately used in read_csv() . #44 Uploading an R object w/o writing to file Secondly, R allows the users to export the data into different types of files. We cover the essential file's extension: Overall, it is not difficult to export data from R. In this tutorial, you will learn- Export to Hard drive. Export Excel file. Export to different software. Export SAS file. Export STATA file. Interact with the Cloud Services.

  • Uploading to Google Drive and Google Sheets is not exactly the same thing: which do you want to do?
  • I do not want to save the file into local. I need to upload it to google drive directly. Your approach needs me to save it locally
  • If you are constrained to not being able to write a temporary file to be discarded then the solution would require a bit more work. Are you sure you cannot have a temporary file created?
  • Yes, I am sure about it. I cannot create a temp file.
  • You could use file(). I have updated the answer to take into account your clarification.