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I'm trying to test effect animations on shapes in a VBA procedure.

I've already achieved one which is adding some new animations in the MainSequence, defining in which position in the Timeline... but I am not able to create disapearing animations.

I checked in the beginning of the code some already there...and the EffectType seems to return the same value as related appearing animation, so that I sadly believe there's no way of creating disapearing animations in VBA.

Please tell me I am wrong, I have to do the same creations on over 300 slides...

Yes, you are wrong, however documentation to that is... well, I guess you know that already.

Here's the trick. To add a disappearing animation you have to add appearing animation but set it's 'Exit' property to 'msoTrue'

Take a look at this code example:

Private Sub SetAnimation()
    Dim effNewEffect As Effect

    With ActiveWindow.View.Slide
        Set effNewEffect = .TimeLine.MainSequence.AddEffect(.Shapes(.Shapes.Count), msoAnimEffectAppear, trigger:=msoAnimTriggerWithPrevious, Index:=-1)
    End With
    effNewEffect.Timing.TriggerDelayTime = 1.0
    effNewEffect.Exit = msoTrue
End Sub

It will add a Disappear animation to the last Shape in a current slide as the last in the MainSequence with delay 1.0 s to the previous animation.

VBA command to animate disappear via "collapse", bmp) for the first person to appear in the middle of the slide, which would disappear with that name, and then with the second name appearing,  Your event handler will then clear the animation dock after the cards come back into view. If they match then you simply set another disappear animation, then hide the other two cards after with the event macro. The point is that you should try to build, run, and clean all your animations up within your sequence.

The solution I found is to use an "Exit" property on the "Effect" object.

The "Exit" property is msoFalse by default.

PowerPoint animation or VBA issue: one name, picture appears , Use Excel VBA to do animation. controls the speed of the animations. The Visibility function controls the appearing and disappearing of the picture frames. The tricky part is that there is no exit animation effects in VBA because exit animation effect is just the reverse (opposite) of the entrance effect (see the pictures below and compare). In other words, there are set of animation effects that can be configured to be "Entrance" or "Exit" where the default configuration is "Entrance".

Can't believe I have the answer to anything but here goes.

  1. Select object to disappear
  2. Go to animations an select fade out (red one)
  3. Open animation pane
  4. go to the click down menu for the object
  5. Select Effect options
  6. Go to timing menu
  7. Click triggers
  8. Click "start effect on click of" and find the object number that matches the one on the animation panel for it.
  9. Job done.

Excel Animation, Hi Ger,. Thanks for the macro etc. It works much better than mine ever did. The "​Sleep" bit seems to be what I was missing  How to use: Copy the above code. Press Alt + F11, to open the Visual Basic Editor (VBE). Select workbook in the left-hand frame. Click Insert - Userform. Click View - Toolbar. Create two Images in the userform. Size each image to the picture file desired, ensure correct file path.

Create Smooth Animation - Excel General, Suppose though that you want the vba to run as part of a standard animation sequence. All you have to do then is create a 99% transparent shape (ie invisible), give it an You can also make it disappear after a short delay if you wish. The two key functions in VBA to allow the animations are the timing function and the visibility function. The timing function controls the speed of the animations. The Visibility function controls the appearing and disappearing of the picture frames. It is much like the making of cartoons before the availability of the computer graphic (CG).

Make vba code run as part of a standard animation sequence., You can make an object seem to disappear behind another object, or appear To create this animation, follow these steps: If you do a Google search on powerpoint vba random, you'll find some content that may be of help. Simple and instructive animations that they are made with vba codes. The macro codes of the animations can be viewed in the workbooks . Example workbooks can be downloaded here :https://merkez

Make an object disappear behind another object, To apply successive animations to the frmAnimate UserForm, for every animation Animation = DiagonalToTopRight Case "Disappear" Animation = Disappear  This video shows how to move a Shape or Object Programatically in Microsoft Excel 2010 VBA. VBA - Microsoft Excel Animation - Moving a Shape or Object Programatically

  • Have you tried recording a macro and doing this manually, to see which properties the macro impacts?
  • @Grade'Eh'Bacon I didn't know that there is a macro recorder for PowerPoint too. I thought only Excel has this great option. Could you please help me find it in PowerPoint too?
  • Assuming you have office 2007 or later, it's in the same place for PowerPoint as it is for Excel - View Ribbon > Macros.
  • @Grade'Eh'Bacon…… It seems there was a macro recorder (but no more) in PowerPoint before 2007. All I can say for sure is that in my Office 2016 version there is no such button.
  • @Ralph Ah, my apologies - I use Office 2007 at work so wasn't aware that this had changed. It's a shame that they would remove it; not sure why they would. This link may have some info to help you with your question:…
  • Did you notice it's about VBA solution?