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I have html in a mysql table and want to turn it into downloadable pdf files.

There are tools to convert files into pdf, but I have not found one that works with php.

Can you help? Any suggestions?

DOMpdf is the best free one.

If money isn't an issue, PrinceXML is best.

Convert HTML to PDF in PHP the Easy Way, Step 2: Unzip and Upload “TCPDF” folder to your server. Welcome to Find Convert Html To Pdf Today!

If your meaning is to create a pdf from php, pdflib will help you.

Else, if you want to convert an HTML page in pdf via PHP, the options I know are:

DOMPDF : php class that wrap the html and build the pdf. Works good, customizable (if you know php), based on pdflib, if i remember right it takes even some CSS. Bad news: slow when the html is big or complex.

HTML2PS: same of DOMPDF, but this one convert first in .ps (ghostscript), then, in whatever format you need (pdf, jpg, png). For me this is little better than dompdf, but have the same speed problem.. oh, better compatibility with css.

Those two are php classes, but if you can install some software on the server, and access it through passthru() or system(), give a look to these too:

wkhtmltopdf: based on webkit (safari's wrapper), is really fast and powerful.. seem like is the best one (atm) for convert on the fly html pages to pdf, taking only 2 seconds for a 3 pages xHTML document with CSS2. Is a recent project, anyway, the google.code page is often updated.

htmldoc : this one is a tank, it really never stop/crash.. the project seem death in the 2007, but anyway if you don't need css compatibility this can be nice for you.

tcpdf - this is an enhanced and maintained version of fpdf. Main Features of tcpdf and it is also having less execution time with great output. For a detailed tutorial on using the two most popular pdf generation classes: TCPDF and FPDF. Please follow this link.

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Convert HTML + CSS to PDF, Learn how to easily convert HTML to PDF in PHP. Create PDF from web pages and HTML documents in PHP with the Pdfcrowd API. Convert HTML to PDF in PHP the Easy Way In this tutorial you will learn how to easily convert web pages and raw HTML documents to PDF in your PHP applications. We will use the Pdfcrowd API for PDF generation.

The html2pdf library might help you ; I've heard it's generally doing nice job -- but might require you to adapt your HTML a little bit.

Convert HTML to PDF in PHP with Dompdf, So I have a 70k HTML file to turn into PDF. It requires the following php.ini settings: pcre.backtrack_limit = 2000000; # probably more than I  Via PHP you can convert html to pdf easily. PDFreactor is a HTML to PDF converter usable from PHP. See for yourself how easy it can be to convert HTML to PDF using PHP and try the PDFreactor trial version to use PHP to generate a PDF from a HTML page at lightning speed. There are many other ways to generate PDF from HTML.

You may also try using mPDF it's free and has an extensive documentation.




$mpdf=new mPDF(); 

$mpdf->WriteHTML('<img src="images/logo.png">'); //Write HTML

$mpdf->Output(); //Show the output


PHP Master, Read Tutorial and Download source code from - https://www.​ Duration: 10:53 Posted: Aug 30, 2017 Convert HTML To PDF Using PHP; Convert URL Text Into Clickable HTML Links Using JavaScript; Convert Bytes Into KB, MB And GB Using PHP; Convert Seconds Into Minutes And Hours Using PHP; Compress HTML Code Using PHP; Generate QR Code Using PHP And HTML; Get Visitor Details Using PHP And HTML; Read HTML From Text File Using PHP

The simplest way to do it is

HTML to PDF via PHP: Convert HTML to PDF using PHP, PDF is a standard format originally created by Adobe for representing text and images in a fixed-layout document. It's not uncommon for a web  It's definitely the best HTML/CSS to PDF converter out there, although it's not free (But hey, your programming might not be free either, so if it saves you 10 hours of work, you're home free (since you also need to take into account that the alternative solutions will require you to setup a dedicated server with the right software)

Convert HTML To PDF Using PHP, If you convert HTML to PDF with PHP you are expecting an excellent PDF file as a result. PDFreactor uses CSS to define page layouts and styles. Simple PHP example code to convert HTML webpages to PDF. PDF Rocket is based on open source technology and is a free and easy to use web service to convert your HTML webpages into images or PDF files.

How to Convert HTML to PDF Using PHP, Using this method you can convert HTML into PDF with inline styling support.You can also download the converted PDF using this method. Export HTML Table Data to Excel CSV PNG and PDF using. HTML-to-PDF with PHP. it's fast and painless to convert HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into PDF and XLS documents with PHP. Below are working PHP examples for creating, Hello friends in this video we are going to discuss how can we create pdf file from html data using TCPDF class in php. This is

How to Convert HTML to PDF in PHP, PHP is one programming language that has a built-in ability to convert to PDF. PHP scripts can be used to transform file types such as HTML into PDF files. Learn how to turn any web page — or multiple web pages — into a fully-functional PDF. Learn how to turn any web page — or multiple web pages — into a fully-functional PDF. Sending, sharing, and reviewing websites is difficult. Learn how to easily convert HTML into PDFs with easy-to-share, easy-to-print convenience.

  • Have you tried this? :…
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  • Agreed - PrinceXML is the best. If you can't afford the license, has a partnership with Prince. You get the same high quality, but you don't have to download anything and the price is much cheaper.