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I've just started using Git for version control on a local network. To allow multiple users to sync repositories I've also started using the Bonobo Git Sever package which works well.

Up until now I've always initialised a repository by creating it in Bonobo, clone it down to a local directory, add files etc then push / pull as required.

Let's now say that I initially create the repository in a local directory, use it for a while and then want to add it to the remote sever, keeping all the commit history intact.

How do i do this? Is there an opposite to git clone - ie take an existing local repository and add it to the remote server?

You'll have to create an empty repository on the server. (make sure it's empty! Some servers will ask you to initialize with a README or .gitignore or something - you don't want that.) Once you do that, get the url and add it as a remote:

git remote add origin http://url-to-remote.git

Then do a push:

git push origin master -u

This assumes you're pushing the master branch. -u specifies that your master should "track" the master on the server.

version control - Git/Bonobo - Add local repository to remote, You'll have to create an empty repository on the server. (make sure it's empty! Some servers will ask you to initialize with a README or .gitignore or something​  If you would implement this functionality, it would be nice to implement it as a pull request post hook inside of Bonobo Git Server and enable to be modular (plugin). Pushing to other repositories after commit is similar to sending emails on commit, etc.

Since version 6.0.0 of Bonobo Git Server, you can auto-create a repository on push. The setting must first be enabled by the admin user (it's off by default) and auto-create-on-push cannot come from an anonymous user.

git remote add Bonobo http://<your-username>@url-to-remote.git
git push Bonobo master

The ChangeLog doesn't provide much insight, sadly. If this doesn't work at first, take a look at the error logs in Bonobo's AppData/Logs folder.

Step by step instructions:

  1. create your folder mkdir myFolder
  2. enter your folder cd myFolder
  3. initiate the git repo git init
  4. create a file or the desired folder content type nul > someFile.txt
  5. add changes to the repo git add *
  6. commit changes git commit -m "intial setup"
  7. add remote git remote add origin http://<your-username>@url-to-remote.git
  8. push remote git push origin master

How do I push an existing project on local system in a local git , I have managed to create a local git repository for a small project I'm working on. I have created a new bonobo git server - I installed it onto my local computer [​which is running This is what my git remote config looks like:. A git remote command is used to make the remote connections such as connecting a Git local repository with GitHub remote repository. Now, it might look like that git remote is a live exchange of data (everything you do locally) between a local and a remote repository, this is not the case.

I simply copied the whole repository folder to Bonobo's repository folder and click on "Rescan directory" option from Bonobo admin Repositories page. It picked up the new repository as its own. May be Rescan directory option was added in recent versions.

Add button to create files + How to use Bonobo · Issue #169 , Add button to create files + How to use Bonobo #169 As far as i know: You have to make a local copy of the repository with a git client (gui or console) and To use the GithubClient just drag and drop the remote repository  This is a clear and simple step-by-step tutorial showing how to set up a git repository locally and on a remote server. You will need this for sharing your work with other people and/or machines. Creating a new git repository on your local machine is a very simple operation which gives you a full working directory.

Importing existing repositories · Issue #50 · jakubgarfield/Bonobo-Git , create empty repository in Bonobo Git Server; add a remote in your local one; push the content to the Bonobo Git Server. I wouldn't recommend  If your project doesn't have an upstream branch, that is if this is the very first time the remote repository is going to know about the branch created in your local repository the following command should work. git push --set-upstream origin <branch-name>

FAQ, Edit the desired repository (or do this when creating the repository). Check Anonymous check box. Save. For allowing anonymous push you have to modify global  It's a bit confusing, but by convention we refer to the remote repository as 'origin' and the initial local repository as 'master'. When you're ready to push your commits to the remote repository (origin), you'll need to use the 'push' command:

Install Free Git Server on Windows using IIS and Bonobo, I will show you the steps to install a local Git server on Windows 10. 9 - create a repo Duration: 8:58 Posted: Jan 16, 2019 Using Git Managing remote repositories Adding a remote Adding a remote To add a new remote, use the git remote add command on the terminal, in the directory your repository is stored at.