Can't find AVD or SDK manager in Eclipse

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Seems like I'm having some problems after updating my android sdk tools and platform-tools using the sdk manager. The problem is that, after updating, I found that the avd or sdk options in the windows dropdown menu in eclipse are gone! And, I can't find any option to create an android project from file->new projects any more.

I tried removing the ADT from eclipse and the software site "" from "available software sites" and then reinstalled the ADT from "" using help->install new software. The installation was successful, but I still don't have any option for shortcuts to the SDK manager or the AVD in eclipse, and neither can I create a new android project.

By the way, the android perspectives are not gone, they are still here. Also, I can manually open the avd and sdk manager from the directory where I have installed them.

Can anyone please show me a workaround? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have solved this as follows:

  1. Window > Customize Perspective... (you will see Android and AVD Manager are disabled)

  2. Command Groups Availability > Android and AVD Manager > check

  3. Tool Bar Visibility > Android and AVD Manager > check

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I had similar problem after updating SDK from r20 to r21, but all I missed was the SDK/AVD Manager and running into this post while searching for the answer.

I managed to solve it by going to Window -> Customize Perspective, and under Command Groups Availability tab check the Android SDK and AVD Manager (not sure why it became unchecked because it was there before). I'm using Mac by the way, in case the menu option looks different.

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Well I feel silly, but my problem was that I was in the Debug perspective and they do not show up in that perspective. Switched back to the Java perspective and viola.

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Window -> Custom Perspective -> Command Groups Availability -> Android SDK and AVD Manager check it

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Chances are that you may be running your eclipse using Java 1.5.

Latest Plugin requires that the JRE be 1.6 or higher. 

You will have to use Eclipse that runs on JRE 1.6

Edit: I had run into same problems. If it is not JRE problem then you can debug this. Follow below procedure:

  1. Window -> show View -> other -> Plugin Development -> Plugin Registry
  2. In the plugin registry search for or any other plugin related to android (depending on your installation there maybe 7-8)
  3. Select , Right Click -> Diagnose. This will show the problem why the plugin was not loaded

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