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I am learning deep learning, and use deeplearning4J tuts. But when i run example code, some issue there :

Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jnind4j in java.library.path
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(
    at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(
    at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(
    at org.bytedeco.javacpp.Loader.loadLibrary(
    at org.bytedeco.javacpp.Loader.load(
    at org.nd4j.nativeblas.NativeOps.<clinit>(
    ... 18 more

i have tried some solutions on web but it doesnot work. So, if you know how to fix it, help me.

You need to unzip cuda-9.1-7.1-1.4.1-windows-x86_64.jar and nd4j-cuda-9.1-1.0.0-beta-windows-x86_64.jar somewhere, and add the paths to the native dlls to the java.library.path property when launching your app.

For example:

-Djava.library.path=C:\<path where you unzipped>\cuda-9.1-7.1-1.4.1-windows-x86_64\org\bytedeco\javacpp\windows-x86_64;C:\<path where you unzipped>\nd4j-cuda-9.1-1.0.0-beta-windows-x86_64\org\nd4j\nativeblas\windows-x86_64

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I had the same problem. But the issue was I was using the wrong import , nd4j-native. Instead of that I used nd4j-native-platform import and it fixed the problem. Hope it helps.

issue when run deeplearning4J example, You need to unzip cuda-9.1-7.1-1.4.1-windows-x86_64.jar and nd4j-cuda-9.1-1.0​.0-beta-windows-x86_64.jar somewhere, and add the paths  This is more of an nd4j issue. We're in the process of improving our CUDA implementation, and expect things to be working better there after the next nd4j release (should be out within a week).

I will try to answer this here, but usually this is where the chat comes in handy (a lot of asking about your environment and back and forth here..)

I'd try to answer this here, but the native code (especially with the examples) should run fine.

You could also try filing an issue:

In the mean time, read up on what an nd4j backend is:

This SHOULD be the only dependency you need to run:

The examples run out of the box for everyone we've talked to.

You don't seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary.

An alternative might just be using the nd4j-native artifact id with the appropriate classifier.

This is where you modify the nd4j backend:

You can try just getting rid of this and replacing it with 1 of the artifact ids I told you about. If that doesn't fix it, I would recommend coming in to gitter.

Please come in to gitter:

for real time help.

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