How to increment a numerical value in properties file

sed increment number
shell script increment counter in a loop

I have a file as below:

#some comments

I want to increase the minor value by 1. so new value should be 16 +1 = 17. So the updated file will be:

#some comments

Is it possible to achieve this through bash script?

Thanks in advance

You could use awk:

awk -F"=" 'BEGIN{OFS=FS} $1=="minor"{$2=$2+1}1'

This awk script says:

  1. Split each record by a an equal sign (-F"=")
  2. Ensure that the output field separator OFS is equal to the incoming field separator FS (BEGIN{OFS=FS})
  3. If the first field is the word "minor" ($1=="minor")
  4. Then add 1 to the second field ({$2=$2+1})
  5. Finally print the record back out 1.

You can redirect this to a temp file and then mv the temp back over the top of the original:

 awk -F"=" 'BEGIN{OFS=FS} $1=="minor"{$2=$2+1}1' > && mv

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You can also use this:

#! /bin/bash
LINE=$(cat | grep minor)
VAL=$(echo $LINE | cut -f 2 -d "=")
VAL=$(($VAL + 1))
NEW_LINE=$(echo minor=$VAL)
sed -e "s,$LINE,$NEW_LINE,g" -i

It fixes the issue without the need to use additional redirections and mv commands. Hope this helps :-)

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1- Get line number of your parameter (to use in replacement)

grep -n "minor" | cut -d: -f1

This shows "3" according to your file

We save it in a variable

line=$(grep -n "minor" | cut -d: -f1)

2- Get key=value

grep -n "minor" | cut -d: -f2

This shows minor=16 according to your file

We save it in a variable called string:

string=$(grep -n "minor" | cut -d: -f2)

3- Get version of this string : minor=16

version=$(echo $string | cut -d= -f2)

4- Increase version

newVersion=$(( version + 1))

5- Replace in original properties file using line number:

sed -i "$line c $key=$newVersion"

Finally this is a complete script , with key and file as parameters, so you could use it to increase any key like in any properties file, in any location :


line=$(grep -n "$key" $file | cut -d: -f1)
string=$(grep -n "$key" $file | cut -d: -f2)

# get version from string
version=$(echo $string | cut -d= -f2)

#increase version
newVersion=$(( version + 1))

#update file
sed -i "$line c $key=$newVersion" $file


bash "patch" /server/files/

Note : keys in file must be unique.

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Article: How to increment a dynamic process property counter , Use a Set Properties shape to initialize a Dynamic Process Property after the start shape. Use a Data Process shape with a Custom Scripting step to get, increment, and set the property value. For an example of this in action including sample script, see How to Create a Do-While Number of Views 10.55K. Controls.Add (numericUpDown1) End Sub ' Check box to toggle decimal places to be displayed. Private Sub checkBox1_Click (sender As Object, e As EventArgs) ' If DecimalPlaces is greater than 0, set them to 0 and round the ' current Value; otherwise, set DecimalPlaces to 2 and change the ' Increment to 0.25.

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  • Great. This is incrementing the minor version as required. However, the command is only printing the updated things in the console. Whereas I want to update the file.
  • Added the redirect to a temp file and mv command to overwrite the original to the bottom of the question
  • I think you mean this: awk -F"=" 'BEGIN{OFS=FS} $1=="minor"{$2=$2+1}1' > && mv
  • as there is no tmp file to start with, First awk will operate with original file and write the output to tmp file, then lastly mv will do the rest. Am i right?
  • @Coder Holy smokes yea...! Thanks for that. I have updated.