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This error happens when I tried to update upsert item: Updating the path 'x' would create a conflict at 'x'

Field should appear either in $set, or in $setOnInsert. Not in both.

Updating the path 'x' would create a conflict at 'x', Field should appear either in $set , or in $setOnInsert . Not in both. When you type ipconfig into a Command Prompt, Windows doesn’t need to know where that EXE is–it’ll check all the folders in its PATH until it finds the right one. If you want the same convenience with a program you downloaded (like ADB), you need to add its folder to Windows’ system PATH.

I had the same problem while performing an update query using PyMongo. I was trying to do:

> db.people.update( {'name':'lmn'}, { $inc : { 'key1' : 2 }, $set: { 'key1' : 5 }})

Notice that here I'm trying to update the value of key1 from two MongoDB Update Operators. This basically happens when you try to update the value of a same key with more than one MongoDB Update Operators within the same query. You can find a list of Update Operators over here

How to Permanently Set $PATH in Linux, How do I reset the PATH variable in Windows 10? Setting the path and variables in Windows Vista and Windows 7. From the desktop , right-click the Computer icon and select Properties . If you don't have a Computer icon on your desktop, click Start , right Click the Advanced System Settings link in the left column. In the System Properties

If you pass the same key in $set and in $unset when updating an item, you will get that error.

For example:

const body = {
   _id: '47b82d36f33ad21b90'
   name: 'John',
   lastName: 'Smith'

MyModel.findByIdAndUpdate(body._id, { $set: body, $unset: {name: 1}})

// Updating the path 'name' would create a conflict at 'name'

How do I set or change the PATH system variable?, Windows 10 and Windows 8. In Search, search for and then select: System (Control Panel) Click the Advanced system settings link. Click Environment Variables. In the Edit System Variable (or New System Variable) window, specify the value of the PATH environment variable. Open the Start Search, type in “env”, and choose “Edit the system environment variables”: Click the “Environment Variables…” button. Under the “System Variables” section (the lower half), find the row with “Path” in the first column, and click edit. The “Edit environment variable” UI will appear.

How to set your $PATH variable in Linux, Telling your Linux shell where to look for executable files is easy, and something everyone should be able to do. UPDATE PATH (Change a path when the destination is a drive) Use this syntax when updating a path definition to a drive. To issue this command you must have system privilege or unrestricted storage privilege.

How to set the path in Microsoft Windows, To Set PATH on Linux. Steps. Change to your home directory. cd $HOME. Open the .bashrc file. Add the following line to the file. Replace the JDK directory with  If I close and open the command line, that new string is not in PATH. How can I update PATH permanently from the command line for all processes in the future, not just for the current process? I don't want to do this by going to System Properties → Advanced → Environment variables and update PATH there.

To Set PATH on Linux (Sun Management Center 3.6.1 Installation , Where does $PATH get set in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion? $PATH is nothing but an environment variable on Linux, OS X, The command should be “svn update” but in my case i need to give “/usr/local/bin/svn update”. No matter how you set your PATH variable in the shell, there are cases where Visual Studio Code will not inherit your PATH setting. If you're using an application launcher like LaunchBar to start Visual Studio Code, your PATH variable will not be inherited.

  • This doesn't make sense. "$set" happens if the document is found, "$setOnInsert" if the document is not found. There's no conflict since both will never be applied at the same time. If you can't use both on the same field, that kind of defeats the purpose, no?
  • $set happens if the document is found and if it's not found. Therefore it conflicts in "not found" state on $setOnInsert and {upsert: true}. Seems like MongoDB developers could not define priority of one over another :)
  • Yeah, I realized that. There should really be a "$setOnUpdate" operator.
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