How can I generate apk file for create-react-native-app (using EXPO.IO component)

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expo build locally
react native generate unsigned apk
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I setup my app using create-react-native and I used expo's Video component in my app. How can I keep this video component and generate the apk file? Correct me if I'm wrong: to my understanding npm run eject prevents you from using expo components in the future. So how can I generate the apk file. It doesn't matter if it's signed or unsigned, atleast to me, I just want to email my friend the apk file so he can run it on his phone

Edit: This is not a duplicate of: How can I generate an apk that can run without server with react-native?

As that question asks how to generate an apk file for react-native, mine ask how this works with the specific create-react-native-app build where I am using an expo component

  1. Install npm install -g exp

  2. edit app.json file in our project

    "expo": {
    "name":"my app",
    "description":"some description about our project",
    "sdkVersion": "27.0.0",
          "versionCode":1 , 
  3. give the command in our project directory exp build:android

  4. Just wait for few mins.It will give an url for our build project.We can download *.apk file from that link.

Publishing, To publish a project, click the Publish button in Expo Dev Tools. When you do this, the packager will minify all your code and generate two you can create a standalone app binary (an ipa or apk file) and put it in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Some native configuration can't be updated by publishing. This is the first part of a two-part guide to how to create a React Native App using Expo and Typescript. Here, we’ll create an example RN app, starting with Expo’s create-react-native-app (CRNA), and configure it to develop our RN code and Jest unit tests using Typescript.

  1. Install expo cli globally npm install -g exp
  2. Run exp build:android or exp build:ios inside the project
  3. Choose some expo options
  4. Wait few minutes

A build link should be printed in the terminal. For the next steps see this thread: Created an app with create-react-native-app, how to publish it to the Google Play Store?

Develop, Deploy and Test React Native apps with Expo, How can I generate apk file for create-react-native-app (using EXPO.IO component) - android. Follow these instructions - Generating Signed APK · React Native

exp:build android exp:status to check the status of your apk

will generate a url for you to download the apk from

How to build an APK file from a create-react-native-app CLI project , Expo is a set of tools, libraries, and services which let you build native iOS Expo apps are React Native apps which contain the Expo SDK. where community is my username and native-component-list is the slug. After building apps successfully, we can access get ipa or apk file. Build a to do app with React Native and Expo. React Native is a framework for building native mobile apps using JavaScript. React Native is based on the same core concepts as ReactJS, giving you, the developer, the power to compose a cross-platform mobile UI by writing JavaScript components.

Android App Bundle(AAB): expo build:android -t app-bundle

Android Apk: expo build:android -t apk

Create a React Native App with Google Map using, If you want to generate apk file for create-react-native-app (using http://EXPO.IO component) then. exp:build android exp:status to check the status of your apk  In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how you can quickly create React Native apps using Expo. With Expo, developers can create React Native apps without all the frustrations that come with installing and configuring software dependencies such as Android Studio, Xcode, or all the other tools which are needed to develop and run a React Native app.

Expo vs React Native CLI: A Guide to Bootstrapping New React , This would generate the map-cuny.jks file and return the keystore password . We will need the key store password in a second. Run keytool -list -v -  I've built my app, I can run it on my local simulator (and also on my android device within the same network by changing debug server). However, I want to build an apk that I can send to someone without access to development server and I want them to be able to test application. I see there is a section Using offline bundle on iOS section of

Generate apk react native expo, React Native has become a very popular way to build cross-platform… Apps bootstrapped with Expo also have access to a slew of useful features and index.js , exposing the code that mounts the root React Native component. According to the site, Expo is “a free and open source toolchain  By using our site, 13 questions linked to/from How can I generate an apk that can run without server with react-native? Hot Newest Votes Active Unanswered. 198.

Galio Framework, We will use the sha256 component from react-native-sha256 to convert our Input Text “Creating an apk for your react native app with expo client” is published by I decided to create a little game. io App React Native: Create file ipa and apk  create-react-native-app command line tool; Go to and create and account. This would generate the map-cuny.jks file and return the keystore password. We will need the key store