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I want to find element from 3 arrays and create string using values. I have tried and given the output. But I want to know that, is there any better solution for this.

var numbers = ['1','2','3','4','5'];
var letters = ['A','B','C','D','E'];
var romans = ['I','II','III','IV','V'];

function findInArray(input){
    var index = -1;
    if(numbers.indexOf(input) >= 0){
        index = numbers.indexOf(input);        
    } else if(letters.indexOf(input) >= 0){
        index = letters.indexOf(input);
    } else if(romans.indexOf(input) >= 0){
        index = romans.indexOf(input);

    if(index > -1){
        var data = '{"numbers":"'+numbers[index]+'","letters":"'+letters[index]+'","romans":"'+romans[index]+'"}';


output : {"numbers":"2","letters":"B","romans":"II"}

You don't need to check if indexOf exists for each of the arrays. You can just find the max value of index for all the three arrays.

If the argument exists in any of the array, it will return a positive values (which results in true)

Then you can simply return the concatenation of the result using the template strings

var numbers = ['1','2','3','4','5'];
var letters = ['A','B','C','D','E'];
var romans = ['I','II','III','IV','V'];

var findInArray = (i) => {
  var index = Math.max(numbers.indexOf(i), letters.indexOf(i), romans.indexOf(i));
  if (index) {
    return `{numbers: ${numbers[index]}, letters: ${letters[index]}, romans: ${romans[index]}}`;


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@Jonas has used a self executing function.

For example it will output 25

  return x*x;

here 5is the parameter of this self executing function which will output to 25

Back to answer; When you convert his answer to raw it will look something like

const findInArray = val => (i => ({ //i = 1 here
   numbers: numbers[1],
   letters: letters[1],
   romans: romans[1]
 }))(Math.max(1,-1,-1) //will output 1); 

Hope it makes sense.

resource -

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Might be simpler with:

const findInArray = val => (i => ({
   numbers: numbers[i],
   letters: letters[i],
   romans: romans[i]

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  • You are searching each array twice.
  • Hint: 1. Don't invoke indexOf twice for each array. 2. What if tomorrow there is one more array to be searched? Would you add another else if?
  • Adding an explanation will help others too !
  • @Jonas please provide explanation
  • Imo.. a self executable function does not make this problem simpler. It's hard to read and not necessary at all. KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple)
  • @Dieterg, It is most convenient answer IMO. Would you please judge your statement ?
  • Write out the self executable function like @Anurag Singh Bisht