Rename files to lowercase in Powershell

Rename files to lowercase in Powershell

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I am trying to rename a bunch of files recursively using Powershell 2.0. The directory structure looks like this:

  - File1
  - File2
    - Image1
    - Image2
  - File1
  - File2
  - File1
  - File2
  - File1
  - File2

I am using the following command:

get-childitem Leaflets -recurse | rename -newname { $ }

and it seems to rename the files, but complains about the subdirectories:

Rename-Item : Source and destination path must be different.

I reload the data monthly using robocopy, but the directories do not change, so I can rename them by hand. Is there any way to get get-children to skip the subdirectories (like find Leaflets -type f ...)?


UPDATE: It appears that the problem is with files that are already all lower case. I tried changing the command to:

get-childitem Leaflets -recurse | if ($ -ne $_name.ToLower()) rename -newname { $ }

but now Powershell complains that if is not a cmdlet, function, etc. Can I pipe the output of get-childitem to an if statement?

UPDATE 2: This works:

$files=get-childitem Leaflets -recurse
foreach ($file in $files)
    if ($ -ne $
        rename -newname { $ }

Rename all files/folders to lowercase, #Rename files or folders to lowercase letters. Get-ChildItem -Path "C:\Users\​khaleesi\*.txt" -Recurse | % { if ($_.Name -cne $_.Name.ToLower())  To rename a file from the context menu, right-click a folder, and click “Rename” from the context menu that appears. With the name of the folder highlighted, start typing out a new name, and press Enter when you finish. Using a Keyboard Shortcut

Keep in mind that you can pipe directly to Rename-Item and use Scriptblocks with the -NewName parameter (because it also accepts pipeline input) to simplify this task:

Get-ChildItem -r | Where {!$_.PSIsContainer} | 
                   Rename-Item -NewName {$_.FullName.ToLower()}

and with aliases:

gci -r | ?{!$_.PSIsContainer} | rni -New {$_.FullName.ToLower()}

How to change name of file to upper case and extension to lower , Not a batch script but a PowerShell script: # Get all You can save your rules as a preset and use it to rename files/folders via command line and also in a batch file, e.g. ReNamer - name upper case, extension lower case. In this post: * Rename extensions to lower case * Rename extensions to upper case * Rename whole file names * Rename with Powershell (after Windows 7) * Rename extensions to lower case Rename all files with extension .TXT to .txt ren *.TXT *.txt navigate to the directory with the files for renaming and run the command ren : cd C:\\folder ren *.TXT *.txt pause Rename extensions to upper case

slight tweak on this, if you only want to update the names of files of a particular type try this:

get-childitem *.jpg | foreach { if ($_.Name -cne $_.Name.ToLower()) { ren $_.FullName $_.Name.ToLower() } }

this will only lowercase the jpg files within your folder and ignore the rest

windows rename files to lowercase, Rename extensions to upper case; Rename whole file names; Rename with Powershell (after  Use these native powershell scripts to help rename multiple files that is readily available in Windows 10. Accessing Powershell in Windows 10. To access Powershell, hold Shift and Right-Click a blank space in a folder in which you would like to execute Powershell scripts. The file path will automatically update when Powershell opens.

There are many issues with the previous given answers due to the nature of how Rename-Item, Piping, Looping and the Windows Filesystem works. Unfortunatly the the most simple (not using aliases for readability here) solution I found to rename all files and folders inside of a given folder to lower-case is this one:

Get-ChildItem -Path "/Path/To/You/Folder" -Recurse | Where{ $_.Name -cne $_.Name.ToLower() } | ForEach-Object { $tn="$($_.Name)-temp"; $tfn="$($_.FullName)-temp"; $nn=$_.Name.ToLower(); Rename-Item -Path $_.FullName -NewName $tn; Rename-Item -Path $tfn -NewName $nn -Force; Write-Host "New Name: $($nn)";}

Rename to lower case . Today I Learned (secretGeek), Topics » powershell » Rename to lower case. Rename all files and folders to lower case PSIsContainer} | Rename-Item -NewName { $_.FullName. In PowerShell, renaming an item like a folder or a file name is achieved with the help of Rename-Item Cmdlet. It just changes the item and not the contents of the item. This is different from moving the item and can’t be used to move the item.

You need to temporarily rename them to something else then name them back all lower case.

$items = get-childitem -Directory -Recurse

foreach ($item in $items)

   if ($ -eq $

       $temp = $item.FullName.ToLower() + "_"
       $name = $item.FullName.ToLower()
       ren $name $temp

       ren $temp $name
   }, PowerShell: Rename file to lowercase. 1. Open PowerShell. 2. CD into directory to work on. 3. Execute the following command: get-childitem  We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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Rename Multiple Files with Powershell, Tip: You can convert some text to title case (the first letter in upper case and the following letters in lower case). Single item Multiple items How can I use Windows PowerShell to convert a string that is in all uppercase to all lowercase characters? Use the ToLower method from the String class: "STRING".ToLower() This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Powershell Tip #107: Bulk rename files to title case, I then started writing a small PowerShell function to go through the folder and rename every image file to lowercase. Way to much work. The Get-ChildItem cmdlet gets all the files in the current folder that have a .txt file extension then pipes them to Rename-Item. The value of NewName is a script block that runs before the value is submitted to the NewName parameter.