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I see examples all over the internet about how to make checkboxes act like radio buttons, but is it possible to make a group of radio buttons acts like checkboxes (meaning multiple selections and deselections) with jquery? Let me know

Thank you

Yes, it is possible. You could give each radio button a different name to select more than one at a time and you could use JS to add a click event listener that will see if the box is already checked when it's clicked and if so, uncheck it.

Try it out yourself and if you have trouble, post what you've tried and ask a more specific question.

Make the radio buttons behave like single-choice checkboxes , Let's define that all the questions are optional and you can select just one answer per question. The way you should implement it, is using inputs  Make the radio buttons behave like single-choice checkboxes November 27, 2012 by Slavik Meltser If you a web developer, maybe you encountered this annoying thing.

  var previousValue = $(this).attr('previousValue');
  var name = $(this).attr('name');

  if (previousValue == 'checked')
    $(this).attr('previousValue', false);
    $("input[name="+name+"]:radio").attr('previousValue', false);
    $(this).attr('previousValue', 'checked');

Need a radio button to behave and look like a checkbox, Hi there everyone! I've got a form that utilizes checkboxes for information bound to multiple rows and I'm using PHP to make arrays with the  As you can see, only one checkbox can be selected at a time; the checkboxes are behaving like radio buttons! This solution allows you to leave both boxes unchecked, or check only one.

The purpose of radio buttons is to force a "one selection only" group of inputs.

I think what you need is how to style checkboxes to look like radio buttons. This isn't recommended either, as users can find it counter-intuitive when browser chrome gets overridden on a site. But if you're set on having what appear to be radio buttons but with checkboxes functionality, it would be the lesser of two evils.

Making Checkboxes Behave like Radio Buttons – Raam Dev, A while back I found the need to have HTML checkboxes behave like radio buttons. As you probably know, the main difference between the two  The user would expect to be able to select one or more checkboxes. A radio button has a different expected functionality. You may select one and only one. Changing those around would lead a user to think something is broken, because every other checkbox he has ever encountered works the same way, except yours.

Creating Checkboxes that Behave Like Radio Buttons with jQuery, Shows you how to use jQuery to create checkboxes that behave like radio buttons so you can select only one at a time. Then I go to Object > Binding > Default Binding(Open, Save, Submit): and select Global. Then make sure the On Value: is different for each check box. This gives you check boxes that act like radio buttons except that you are not stuck with something being checked that can't be unchecked unless you reset the form.

Is it acceptable practice to use checkboxes as radio buttons?, Based on the selection made in step 1, the user will be either presented with a final question that is multi option. Or they will be presented an  To put it simply: you hide the actual radio button (see the css input [type=radio]) and you style the label for the corresponding radio button to show the custom checkbox (from the css sprite in the background image in input [type=radio] + label) and switch to a different sprite in the background when the radio button is in checked state.

CheckBox To Behave Like RadioButton - JSFiddle, <h3>Uncheckable RadioButtons</h3>. 2. <div class="checkbox-wrapper">. 3. <​label><input type="checkbox" name="cb1" class="chb" /> CheckBox1</label>. 4. Checkboxes are recognizable as a boolean selection, while circular radio buttons are known for a one-of-many selection. Doing this will just confuse the end-user who expects a boolean choice but finds checkboxes performing a one-of-many choice. – ζ-- Mar 21 '13 at 12:53

  • if you want select only one at a time then assign a name else set multiple radio name
  • The only question that come in my mind is: why?
  • I think reverse is possible in this case :)
  • Looks like I cannot deselect a radio button once it is selected
  • @user765368 — Sounds like you failed to follow the instruction in this part of the answer: you could use JS to add a click event listener that will see if the box is already checked when it's clicked and if so, uncheck it.