Arabic text in as3

How can I display arabic text from right to left with as3?

This code will do the trick:

import flash.text.AntiAliasType;
import flash.text.TextField;
import flash.text.TextFieldAutoSize;
import flash.external.*
import fl.text.TLFTextField;
import flash.text.TextFormat;

import flashx.textLayout.formats.TextLayoutFormat;
import flashx.textLayout.elements.TextFlow;

var arabicTextField:TLFTextField = new TLFTextField();
arabicTextField.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;
arabicTextField.mouseEnabled = false;
arabicTextField.selectable = false;

arabicTextField.direction = flashx.textLayout.formats.Direction.RTL;

var fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
fmt.color = 0xFFFFFF;
fmt.font = "arialArabic"
arabicTextField.embedFonts = false;
arabicTextField.defaultTextFormat = fmt;

Flash As3 RTL Text For arabic - Adobe Support Community, How to set Text direction right to left in flash as3 can any one give small example using flash TextField. - 4536995. Third problem is that Arabic text is written from right to left, but Text2Curve AS3 component only supports left to right. (I solved it partially by reversing input string) If someone have had similar problem, or know better component/library (paid or free), or can event create one please let me know.

The Text Layout Framework can handle right to left text.

Is there any way to add arabic text in as3?, I want to add Arabic text using AS3. But the problem I am facing is that once I assign text to textfield, the text gets reversed. Is there any way by  i am a beginner in as3 and i want to import arabic text in flash cs5. using tlf. but the text in the result not look write. what i do wrong. i feel it is easy. this is the program. thes is as3 code. the result. the text file. thanks in advance

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Additionally, you probably will need to include the fonts you use in your library

Flash as3 textfield arabic text problem Jobs, Employment, Search for jobs related to Flash as3 textfield arabic text problem or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 16m+ jobs. It's free to sign up and bid  Update: a newer version available here Well, this issue is a very old one, I’ve always experienced annoying problems each time I try to render Arabic text on run-time using Flash and ActionScript 2.0, Flash doesn’t support right-to-left languages, and when it comes to Arabic, we are talking about proper characters joining and word wrapping ..

try to add textformat with propriety right alignment

var txtFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
txtFormat.align = "right";

ActionScript 2: Create dynamic text fields with Arabic texts, Update 2010-03-26: The author has just released version 1.2 of the “ActionScript 2.0 Arabic Parsing” that includes my bug fixes and other  An integer (1-based index) that indicates the bottommost line that is currently visible in the specified text field. Think of the text field as a window onto a block of text. The scrollV property is the 1-based index of the topmost visible line in the window and bottomScroll is the last visible line in the window.

Problem creating curved Arabic text at runtime with as3, But Text2Curve AS3 component shows them the same. Second problem is that Arabic text shouldn't have any gaps between letters. Classic text is the name for the older text engine in Animate. The classic text engine is still available in CS5 and later. Classic text may be preferable for certain types of content, such as for mobile devices, where SWF file size must be kept to a minimum.

Open-Source Arabic Parsing v1.6 – Abbas Ahmed, An Arabic parsing script for proper Arabic readability on Flash Player 8 and 9 without the use of Adobe Text Layout Framework, runs on the  I'm using AS3 with CS3 to do some design involving working with dynamic text field for arabic text. This staetemnt works just fine: var strValidate_txt.text = "خُرُوجْ"; // a dynamic text field - result OK. however when I try to build the string characyter by character: var strValidate_txt.text = ""; strValidate_txt.appendText("خ");

Writing Arabic In Adobe Flash CS6,actionscript 2, I am making animation in flash for which i need to add Arabic text which goes from right to left , but i am not getting the proper settings required  Hello, I'm new to this community and to AS3. I'm working on a project which involves some arabic text.I was able to load succfuly arabic text from external XML, also I could set a dynamic text field with an arabic string. the player shows everyrthing perfect. However when I try to to use the appe

  • arabicTextField.direction = flashx.textLayout.formats.Direction.RTL; Thanks a bunch!
  • No, including fonts isn't necessary.
  • are you sure that this alone works for correct display of RTL languages? cause i think this just make everything right aligned
  • Try a swc component named flaraby that help in RTL langauges
  • Loving the Flaraby license conditions... "As a buyer of FlarabySWF, you can use it under condition that the text you want to convert AND the converted text do NOT contain or insinuates in any way to anything that violates Islamic Sharia or to be against Islam itself, including but not limited to: any works that contradicts with Islamic Ethics like sex or pornography, Gambling, anything that is against Religions or Messengers/Prophets".