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i'm trying to export a Runnable Jar in order to run my project with .bat file, however when trying to export a Runnable jar it fails with massage:

"Jar creation failed. See details for additional information." < < Details : No resources selected. See details for additional information. Could not find main method from given launch configuration.

Using Windows Server 2012, newest eclipse, jdk and jre. cleaning didn't change anything, nor copying the project to a new one.

Downgrading to 1.8 didn't help as well, I looked at some suggestions for the last couple of hours, none helped.

Of-curse I have static void main(String[] args) in my class, and if you click "Run" (with same Run Configuration) from Eclipse it works perfect.

Couldn't find a solution as of now.

6/12 - Update: Adding screenshots of the export process as howlger asked.

I've also tried new workspace according to Akshay Bahadur's suggestion, same result.

6/12 - 2nd Update: Adding Run Configuration:

7/12 - 3nd Update: Adding About Eclipse:

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers Version: Oxygen.1a Release (4.7.1a) Build id: 20171005-1200 OS: Windows Server 2012 R2, v.6.3, x86_64 / win32

and the main() function is plain Java - no Maven or Gradle:

public static void main(String[] args) {
    boolean errorNotHappened = true;
    boolean errorWithMailNotHappened = true;
    boolean performDownload = true;
    boolean performEmailSent = true;
    boolean performDataManipulation = true;

    System.out.println("***~~~*** Starting job. If you want more details - turn on debug mode");

    //Downloader d = new Downloader();
    printMsg("Date to use with files: "+getDateToUse());
    printMsg("Write mail for date: "+getYasterdayNiceDate());

    if (performDownload) 
        Downloader d = new Downloader();
        d.connectAnd(); //connect to pair server
        errorNotHappened = d.downloadFiles();

    if (errorNotHappened && performDataManipulation) 
        Manipulator m = new Manipulator();
        errorNotHappened =;

    if (performEmailSent) 
        GoogleMailer gmail = new GoogleMailer();
        if (errorNotHappened)
            errorWithMailNotHappened = gmail.sendMailWithAttach();
    System.out.println("***~~~*** Job ended.");


I fixed the problem, I exported the project as an archive file. Then I opened up a new workspace and imported the the archived project. After that I tried to export the project as a runnable jar, after two tries the jar runs as is it should.

I still don't know what the exact cause was but I hope someone how has run into the same problem finds this helpful.


Eclipse cannot create runnable jar - No resources selected

Newcomers » exporting jar file doesn't , Export to a runnable jar file has stopped working for me. It says no resources selected. why is this? Thanks,. Report message to a moderator  When I try to export my project as a runnable jar Eclise gives me the following error: No resources selected. The project runs fine within Eclipse, I already tried to clean the project before exp

I managed to get the job working by exporting the project to regular Jar file (not Runnable as I originally tried) and activating from CMD with the following:

java -cp "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\runDebug\rundebug.jar";"C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\runDebug\activation.jar";"C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\runDebug\commons-net-3.1.jar";"C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\runDebug\mail.jar" pairbb.Runner

I've wrote this command to a BAT file, and set this BAT file as a windows scheduled task. So right now I get what I need this way, I still however couldn't export it as a Runnable Jar.

[JDK-8204266] jdk-10.0.1 can not export runnable Jar file, ADDITIONAL SYSTEM INFORMATION : JAR creation failed. See details for additional information. No resources selected. Jar export finished  When I try to export my project as a runnable jar Eclise gives me the following error: No resources selected. The project runs fine within Eclipse, I already tried to clean the project before exporting, but that didn´t work. Any ideas on how to fix this.

My case might not completely apply to yours, but considering that this question is the first one that popped up when I was still trying to fix my issue, I'll share my experience:

If you encountered a similar issue while coding with a Java 10 JDK, this might be of use.

I had a plain Java project I developed in Eclipse (Windows Version: Oxygen.3a Release (4.7.3a)) that didn't let me export it as a runnable JAR with the error message of 'No resource selected' for the run configuration (saying that there isn't a public static void main(String[] args) in the selected entrypoint). I had the latest JDK (Java 10) on my machine, but I was coding for Java 8 (as you can set the compatibility in Eclipse's settings).

As I had been seeing some issues relating to Java 9 while sifting through posts, I ultimately decided to actually download the 'older Java' version (aka. Java 8). So, what I did was: 1. Simply download the Java 8 JDK 2. Update my JAVA_HOME variable to point to the newly-installed version, rather than to Java 10 3. Remove Java 10 from Installed JREs & add Java 8 in its stead

Once I did these steps, I ran my code and then had some issues with regexes at runtime (I was using unbounded look-behinds which Java doesn't like, but which seem to be allowed as of Java 10, I assume), changed them to be bounded & ran it without issues.

Then the export finally worked again. Please note that the Java version (from the Java 10 JDK) was set in: Project > Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries (Tab) > JRE System Library (Entry)

For the Java Compiler, I had set the tickbox for 'Use compliance from execution environment' to Java 1.8 as well.

So I'm a bit confused on how compatibility mode didn't seem to work as an actual Java 8 version. Only explanation I can currently come up with is that either I forgot to switch the version in one more spot in the settings or that the export possibly relies on some plugin I possibly got during installation that isn't supported for Java 10 (Note: this is a 'fresh' installation of eclipse that I did about a month ago & I haven't installed any plugins additionally to what I might have selected during the initial installation). The last possibility does not explain why I was able to export another project (also Java 8) a few days prior though.

TL;DR Getting Java 8 JDK fixed it for me.

Export Eclipse Java Project as Runnable JAR, and Users · Settings · Integrations · API · Appendixes · Support and Resources · FAQ If you do not have an Eclipse project, see this tutorial instead: Create Runnable JAR From If an error occurs, fix the code to avoid the error. Select Java > Runnable JAR file as the export destination and click Next. After you have confirmed the code works as expected, you need to export the Java project to a runnable JAR file so that it can be run by AlertSite. To export your project, right-click it and select Export. Select Java > Runnable JAR file as the export destination and click Next.

How to Make Executable JAR file in Eclipse IDE, Why it's important to know creating executable JAR in Eclipse, because its one of while creating executable JAR, as you can not run a Java program without Now select the source and resources you want to export into JAR file. I follow but there is error "jar creation failed", show details: "Exported with compile warning. This line works perfectly fine when executing the program from Eclipse, but it fails with an NPE when using the executable jar that I created with "Export>Java>Runnable Jar". I have already to use the standard Jar export with the options "Export generated class files and resources" and "Add directory entries" checked.

Trouble creating runnable JAR (Java 10/Eclipse oxygen) : javahelp, My program DOES run in eclipse fine i just can't export it to a runnable jar for some reason. Error message: JAR creation failed. No resources selected public void writeSubjectHeaderInFile(String filename, String subject) { File oldFile​  Hello, I am new to eclipse. I have a project which I am successfully able to run. I can not seem to export a runnable jar. The finish button is grayed out and I am pretty confident it is because I do not have a Launch configuration selected.

How to Create Executable JAR file with resources and , When I try to export my project as a runnable jar Eclise gives me the following error: No resources selected. The project runs fine within Eclipse,  In the screen JAR File Specification : Under section Select resources to export, uncheck the project node, and select src directory (we can select other directories if needed, but the src directory must be selected). Under section Select export destination, specify path of the JAR file will be exported. Click Next.

  • What settings do you have in the Export JAR dialog?
  • I tried all three of them: 1.Extract required libraries into generated JAR. 2. Package required libraries into generated JAR. 3. Copy required libraries into a sub-folder next to the generated JAR. All options lead to the same Error. The Launch configuration is the same that I use to run from eclipse, I tried making a new project with a new run configuration, It didn't help.
  • If you used File > Export: Java > JAR file, add screenshots of at least the first and third dialog page to your question. Otherwise, tell how did you export the JAR?
  • I've added the screenshots, I Used Java > Runnable JAR file
  • Thx, I see. Is the type of the launch configuration Runner - reportbb Java Application? What does the classpath of the launch configuration look like? Is it a plain Java or Maven or Gradle or ... project?
  • Unfortunately that did not change anything.