Minifying Or/And expressions in Java?

Minifying Or/And expressions in Java?

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I've always been curious if it's possible to simplify an Or expression Java. Example:

int mapVal = occurrenceMap.get(node.nextNode.nodeVal);

if (mapVal != null || mapVal != 5 )


if (occurrenceMap.get(node.nextNode.nodeVal) != ( null || 1) )

IMO, the second is more readable, but wondering if the language supports something like this.

if (occurrenceMap.get(node.nextNode.nodeVal) != ( null || 1) )

the second is more readable, but wondering if the language supports something like this.

No Java not support that.

For a good solution I would like to use :

Integer i = occurrenceMap.get(node.nextNode.nodeVal);
if (i != null || i != 1)

Note : as Tim Biegeleisen mention in comment primitive int or type in general can't be null in Java.

Expressions, Statements, and Blocks (The Java™ Tutorials , Expressions. An expression is a construct made up of variables, operators, and method invocations, which are constructed according to the syntax of the language,  Yes, the short-circuit evaluation for boolean expressions is the default behaviour in all the C-like family. An interesting fact is that Java also uses the & and | as logic operands (they are overloaded, with int types they are the expected bitwise operations) to evaluate all the terms in the expression, which is also useful when you need the side-effects.

Use getOrDefault

occurrenceMap.getOrDefault(node.nextNode.nodeVal, 5) != 5 

Java - Basic Operators, The Arithmetic Operators. Arithmetic operators are used in mathematical expressions in the same way that they are used in algebra. The following table lists the  As you can see from the other expressions, an expression can return other types of values as well, such as boolean or String. The Java programming language allows you to construct compound expressions from various smaller expressions as long as the data type required by one part of the expression matches the data type of the other.

First, int cannot be null. You don't need to check against null if you have an int. It just cannot happen.

Here is a method that checks whether a value is equal to any of a list of values:

public static <T> boolean anyEquals(T value, T... values) {
    for (T val: values) {
        if (val == value) { // or val.equals(value)
            return true;
    return false;

    // implementation with streams
    // return -> x == value); // or x.equals(value)

Usage (supposing you are using Integers instead of int):

Integer i = ...;
boolean b = anyEquals(i, 5, 10, 15);

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YUI 3 Cookbook: Writing Maintainable Applications, With a more sophisticated approach, you can minify more aggressively. The YUI Compressor is a Java command-line tool that relies on Mozilla's Rhino minification, YUI Compressor can also use regular expressions to minify CSS files. In this article, you will learn about Java expressions, Java statements, difference between expression and statement, and Java blocks. We have used expressions, statements and blocks in previous chapters (as Java program is made up of it) without much explaining. Now you know what variables, operators and literals are, it will be easier to

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