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I'd like to rename all keys "id a1", "id a2", "id b3", etc to just the name "id" I'm looking for the regular expression to search all the current "id" key names. And my function must work in IE : solution with arrow synthax is not working.

var array1 = [{
  "id a1": 1, 
  "id a2": 2,
  name: 'ann',
  age: 24
}, {
  "id a1": 2,
  "id a2": 1,
  name: 'mark',
  age: 25
}, {
  "id b3": 3,
  "id b2": 1,
  name: 'henry',
  age: 24

for (var i = 0; i < array1.length; i++) {
  var tableHeaders = Object.keys(array1[i]);

  var newObject = {};

  for (var j = 0; j < tableHeaders.length; j++) {
    var oldKey = tableHeaders[j];
    var newKey = oldKey.replace(/id/g, 'id');
    newObject[newKey] = array1[i][oldKey];

  array1[i] = newObject;


Use Array.forEach

var array1 = [{ "id 1": 1, name: 'ann', age: 24 }, { "id 2": 2, name: 'mark', age: 25 }, { "id 3": 3, name: 'henry', age: 24 } ];

array1.forEach(o => {
  let k = Object.keys(o).find(k => k.indexOf("id") === 0); = o[k];
  delete o[k];

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You could map the array and build a new object by iterationg all key value pairs and replace the key with starting 'id' to 'id'.

var array = [{ "id 1": 1, name: 'ann', age: 24 }, { "id 2": 2, name: 'mark', age: 25 }, { "id 3": 3, name: 'henry', age: 24 } ],
    result = =>
            ...Object.entries(o).map(([k, v]) => ({ [k.replace(/^id.+/, 'id')]: v }))


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  • to a unique name "id" the same name is not unique.
  • What is the expected output?
  • @NinaScholz - Probably an English-as-a-second-language error, I'm guessing the OP meant "single" rather than "unique".
  • @T.J.Crowder I thought the OP confused it with the word "unified".
  • sorry I have changed my question and array
  • you could use includes rather than indexOf if you wanted to save a couple of bytes 🙂
  • @AndrewBone - That will be a problem if some other key has id in it like state-id, etc
  • sorry I have changed my question and array
  • @hetennunawi - Now your requirement is not valid as you expect duplicate keys in one object, whereas keys are unique in an object. That is against the DS
  • This is good for visual learners like myself
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