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in my C# Application im trying to delete some of my XML Elements by filtering them out with a regular expression.

My Input is for example:

<myXMLTag id="Text1.Text2.Text3">
<myXMLTag  id="Text1.ISHOULDNOTBEHERE.Text3">
<myXMLTag  id="Text1.Text2.Text3">

I tried some regular Expressions on but it somehow always marks the first two <myXMLTag> and not just the middle one.



I need a pattern, that only finds XML Elements in a XML string, which look like the middle one.

XML Schema Regular Expressions, XML regular expressions don't have any tokens like \xFF or \uFFFF to match particular (non-printable) characters. You have to add them as literal characters to your regex. If you are entering the regex into an XML file using a plain text editor, then you can use the ￿ XML syntax. In RegEx, I want to find the tag and everything between two XML tags, like the following: <primaryAddress> <addressLine>280 Flinders Mall</addressLine> <geoCodeGranula Stack Overflow Products

The standard response to questions about parsing XML using regular expressions is

RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

That answer might seem over-the-top, but it's justified: most of us have seen the disastrous results that can arise if you attempt this. Basically, any program that tries to process XML using regexes will be slow and buggy. If you want to get results quickly and don't mind the bugs, then go ahead - and make sure you don't stay around with the project long enough to take the consequences.

Use an XML parser, it's the right tool for the job.

Using Regular Expressions to Identify XML Tags, The regular expression that matches any XML tag is this: /(<.[^(><.)]+>)/. That expression matches an opening angle bracket, followed by one or. I wanted to extract the 2 Elements, but also knowing after extract, where the info is coming form. If I make something like that : <(Element1|Element2)\b[^>]>(?P.) Then I have the multivalued element "element", but I don't know it the data in it, is form Element1 or 2. Is it possible to have regex extracting the whole element with tag ? like

Match XML tags, <PublicMessage>A903\n07:00 - Sligo to Dublin Connolly (-413 mins late)\​nDeparted Sligo next stop Collooney</PublicMessage>  Help With Regular Expression To Extract Values Between XML Element Tags on Multi-line. 0. How to extract values between Elements tag. The following regular

Match XML tags, <PublicMessage>A903\n07:00 - Sligo to Dublin Connolly (-413 mins late)\​nDeparted Sligo next stop Collooney</PublicMessage>  tagged text (that is, it contains Extensible Markup Language (XML) markup) and return only the tags (and not the text that the tags surround). JavaScript's RegExp object, which holds a regular expression, is what we need here. Regular expressions are a big subject,

9.7. Find a Specific Attribute in XML-Style Tags - Regular , Find a Specific Attribute in XML-Style Tags Problem Within an (X)HTML or XML file, you want Selection from Regular Expressions Cookbook, 2nd Edition [​Book] The remainder of the tag, including the id attribute's value > # End of the tag  Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your question, but you may just want to use a Read from XML File VI and use a For Loop to auto-index the elements to find what you're looking for. This would be similar to the Read Data from XML File example found in the example finder.

Solved: regular expression for xml tags - NI Community, and I want to match all element names, i.e: person, son, grandSon, age, regardless of any attribute these elements have. Is there a regular  Use regular expression reference in data types XML. You can provide a reference of the regular expression id in the Regex element when you are defining a regular expression in the datatypes.xml file. You can define regular expressions for the application.