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I found this crazy issue in my eclipse. I'm able to run the Maven build with the command "maven clean package" in command prompt. But however when I try to build the same in eclipse by doing right click-> run as -> Maven build, In the configuration I've added as "clean package". It is throwing me the error of

The project com.svu.core:cUT:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT (E:\CU-SVN\pom.xml) has 1 error
[ERROR]     Non-resolvable parent POM: Failure to find com.zenmonics.core:epom:pom:1.0.0 in was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of central has elapsed or updates are forced and 'parent.relativePath' points at wrong local POM @ line 11, column 10 -> [Help 2]

It has the same error in POM.xml, but how is it running from command prompt but not from eclipse IDE. Due to this I'm not able to get Maven dependencies in my Build path.

<project xmlns="" x mlns:xsi=""

<!-- <groupId>com.svu.core</groupId>-->
<name>pom :: cUT</name>

<parent> <---------- Here it throws error 

Please check your workspace whether maven repository exist or not exist..!

mvn install is not working in eclipse but works fine from command line, Make sure the JDK you are using in the command line is the same that you are using in your IDE. In the command line type: java -version. Then in the eclipse: I found this crazy issue in my eclipse. I'm able to run the Maven build with the command "maven clean package" in command prompt. But however when I try to build the same in eclipse by doing right

Please try to put your pom.xml. Your error says that the problem is in pom.xml @ line 11, column 10. The problem is the parent pom is not detected in your current pom. Try the following



  <groupId>com.svu.core</groupId>         <--- Same group id as your parent

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Integrate Maven with Eclipse via External Tool Configuration , During Eclipse development, it's not practical to go outside of the Eclipse's environment Create a new “program”, and link it to your Maven run command ( mvn.bat in Windows), select the working project to run with Maven, and defined your Maven [INFO] Building onLineExam 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT [INFO]  Blog Eclipse IDE Tutorials How to fix Maven build issue in Eclipse? Perform maven-clean-install t Apache Maven is a Software Project Management tool. Based on the concept of a Project Object Model ( POM ), Maven can manage a project’s build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.

When following is working

cd cUT
mvn compile

but the same module cannot be compile in Eclipse. Probably you have changed the Maven config and the Eclipse view of it is not up-to-date anymore. This can happen for exmaple if you change a pom.xml file outside Eclipse or at a place which is not considered as to be in the project path (see your other question).

Select in the Project Explorer in Eclipse the module cUT. Press ALT-F5 (executes maven -> update project). Select all modules of your project, check that update project configuration from pom.xml is enabled and click on òk` to process.

FAQ, To workaround this you can add -vm argument to Eclipse command line or eclipse.ini. For Eclipse 3.3 it would How Search Works. Dependency search Why does my Maven build work on the CLI but not in M2Eclipse? Because M2Eclipse  The following phases are needed for running this code from command prompt. Everything that follows assumes that Maven is installed on your computer. If you dont have it installed, use this link for instructions. If you want to learn more about Maven, this is a very good tutorial. Create the Maven Project; This can be done manually without Eclipse.

You might be using embedded maven inside eclipse.

You can try using the same maven set up that you are using on your system.

go to -->

Window >> preferences >> maven >> installations

Here in - add a new installation and give the path till bin folder of maven libraries.

Try using this approach - it should work , if your maven commands are working fine from command prompt.

Using Maven within the Eclipse IDE - Tutorial, If Maven is supposed to make building projects easier (among other things), tools like Maven (like m2eclipse, Eclipse IAM), but I have to admit that I'm not a Then go to Java->Build Path->Classpath Variables within the preferences window. Running this command will download and run the Maven-Eclipse plugin and  To build a Maven project via the command line, run the mvn command from the command line. The command should be executed in the directory which contains the relevant pom file. The command should be executed in the directory which contains the relevant pom file.

I had the same exact problem, everything was working on eclipse Mars, but I switched to Eclipse Oxygen and all my variables were fine, I checked everywhere.

And suddenly I got into the preferences in eclipse for Maven Installations (where you point to the Maven directory) and just got rid of the forward slash at the end of the path and it worked!


Change C:\Program Files\apache-maven_3.5.3\


C:\Program Files\apache-maven_3.5.3

And it worked!

How to Develop a Maven Project in Eclipse, Creating .project and .classpath files If you would like maven command line and eclipse IDE to use different output directories: The other options are to specify a default output directory (so that eclipse and maven do not both For better performance in your IDE you can the open projects to those you are working on:. It is a single configuration file that contains the majority of information required to build a project in just the way you want. The POM is huge and can be daunting in its complexity, but it is not necessary to understand all of the intricacies just yet to use it effectively.

Maven Eclipse Plugin, Building Apache UIMA™ from sources Maven has a plugin for Eclipse, m2eclipse, that is useful in working with Maven from within Eclipse. Building UIMA - using the command line I'm getting compile errors (class not found) in Eclipse! Setting up a maven project on your favorite IDE can be time consuming and slow. Many developers prefer to setup maven project from command line use their favorite text editor to write code. Maven is a build tool and setting up a boilerplate seed project shouldn't be an issue. #generate simple java maven project mvn archetype:generate -DgroupId

Building UIMA, How to install Maven and build apps with the mvn command line tools like Jenkins and even development tools like Eclipse. ask the mvn command-line utility to create a Java project, rather than to create one by hand. but they have absolutely no clue as to how the engine under the hood is working. How to Run Command Line, External Program and Batch files from Eclipse Console - Tips Hello guys, have you ever think how much time a Java developer spends on Eclipse or his favorite IDE? I guess most of his time, isn't it would be great to do as much as work possible from Eclipse itself, without switching to another application.

How to install Maven and build apps with the mvn command line, i launch the mvn command build and deploy here are the settings for it working directory:${current.project.path} command line: clean install