How do I get around this "Subject incorrectly extends Observable" error in TypeScript 2.4 and RxJS 5.x?

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When I compile, I get the following compiler error in the RxJS declaration files:

node_modules/rxjs/Subject.d.ts(16,22): error TS2415: Class 'Subject<T>' incorrectly extends base class 'Observable<T>'.
  Types of property 'lift' are incompatible.
    Type '<R>(operator: Operator<T, R>) => Observable<T>' is not assignable to type '<R>(operator: Operator<T, R>) => Observable<R>'.
      Type 'Observable<T>' is not assignable to type 'Observable<R>'.
         Type 'T' is not assignable to type 'R'.

What's going on here, and how do I get around this without downgrading to TypeScript 2.3 or earlier?


RxJS 5.4.2 should now work perfectly with TypeScript 2.4.1. Simply upgrade to 5.4.2+ if possible.

npm install --save rxjs@^5.4.2

If not, the below solution should work.

Why it's happening

TypeScript 2.4 has a strictness change, and Subject<T> isn't lifting to the correct Observable. The signature really should have been

<R>(operator: Operator<T, R>) => Observable<R>

This will be fixed in RxJS 6.

Alternative Solution

Newer versions of RxJS will have this fixed, but as a temporary workaround, you can use the noStrictGenericChecks compiler option.

In tsconfig.json, put it in "compilerOptions" and set it to true.

    "compilerOptions": {
        "noStrictGenericChecks": true

On the command line it's --noStrictGenericChecks.

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Today, faced this error and solved this pratically with the below three steps. So sharing the same with the hope, it will help others.

Step 1: In the package.json file change the entry as "rxjs": "5.4.2",

Step 2: Delete the node_modules folder from the project,which is present in the root directory

Step 3 : Now ,Right click the package.json file and click restore like as shown below:

Note : It will again create node_module folder with the new files, Now build the solution, hopefully you should not get any build error related to above problem.

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"noStrictGenericChecks": true

in tsconfig.json file

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I have made the below two changes in package.json file.

1) changed the rxjs version to 5.4.1 in dependencies section.

"dependencies": { "rxjs": "5.4.1" }

2) changed the typescript version to 2.4.0 in devDependencies section.

"devDependencies": { "typescript": "2.4.0" }

I ran 'npm install' command after making the two changes and it worked.

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In your Subject class:

change this line:

lift<R>(operator: Operator<T, R>): Observable<T>;

to :

lift<R>(operator: Operator<T, R>): Observable<R>;

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  • where do i use this "--noStrictGenericChecks" ?
  • The compilerOptions in your tsconfig.json. Just remove the dashes and set it to true.
  • Can you please help me on this -… . This happend when my typescript updated to 2.4.1 I think.
  • Except that my typescript 2.4.0 runtime knows nothing about the noStrictGenericChecks option.. and trying to set it causes an error..
  • Thanks a lot for this answer. npm install --save rxjs@^5.4.2 resolves my issue.
  • Fixed the issue for me. You'd think the tutorials on the official Angular website would be up-to-date with the latest versions but that does not appear to be the case.
  • yes you are right and happy that it fixed your problem @breez. Happy sharing..:)
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