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Regex for first character cannot be space in JavaScript

I use this but its not working


\s matches any character that is unicode whitespace. \S matches any character that is not unicode white space.

So, a regex that matches to a string whose first character is a non-space character can be any of the following:


Regular expression to ensure 1st character is not a space, Hello , Im trying to use regular expressions to ensure the first character entered into a textbox is not a string ,but i want to allow spaces after that  Javascript regex - no white space at beginning + allow space in the middle. I would like to have a regex which matches the string with NO whitespace(s) at the beginning. But the string containing whitespace(s) in the middle CAN match. Above is not allowing whitespace(s) at the beginning, but also not allowing in the middle/end of the string.

The following pattern will match any character at the start of a string that is not whitespace.


If you are trying to match the whole string if it does not begin with whitespace use this.



Remove spaces at beginning of line if first non-space character is a , You can use the RegEx find and replace option. Search for ^\s*(\w.*)$. Replace with \1. enter image description here. Explanation: The search is: ^ - Beginning  JavaScript RegExp \s Metacharacter. JavaScript RegExp Object. Do a global search for whitespace characters in a string: var str = "Is this all there is?"; var patt1 = /\s/g; Try it Yourself » Definition and Usage. The \s metacharacter is used to find a whitespace character. A whitespace character can be: A space character. A tab character.

The above answers work just fine for single line string but if you want to accept \r (Carriage Return),\n (Line Feed) or \r\n (End Of Line) then you can use the below regex:

[^ ](.*|\n|\r|\r\n)*

[^ ] : First character should not be a space.

(.*|\n|\r|\r\n)*$ : Any character including Carriage Return, Line Feed and End Of Line, any number of times.


Remove Whitespace from Start and End[SOLVED] - JavaScript, Tell us what's happening: I am stuck with this and tried several Regex to solve this code. It would only match strings that have no non-whitespace characters. for all matching alphabetical letters, then you simply need to drop in the comma​, as well as the space after the comma, First it's important to note the following: In JavaScript, a regular expression is simply a type of object that is used to match character combinations in strings. Creating Regex in JS. There are two ways to create a regular expression: Regular Expression Literal — This method uses slashes ( / ) to enclose the Regex pattern: var regexLiteral = /cat/;

I have tried "^^ *$" and it worked for me.

Regular Expression Examples, (␣), the tab (\t), the new line (\n) and the carriage return (\r) (useful in Windows environments), and these special characters match each of their respective whitespaces. How I could make this regular expression? What should the rest of the regular expression match? Your current regular expression will match any string containing at least one character that isn't alphanumeric or an underscore or a hyphen: is that what you intended? – Johnsyweb Dec 11 '11 at 7:58. ^ Start of line/string. [a-zA-Z] Character is

Learn Regular Expressions - Lesson 9: All this , flavor. In all flavors discussed in this tutorial, it includes [ \t\r\n\f]. That is: \s matches a space, a tab, a carriage return, a line feed, or a form feed. If you only care about the space character (and not tabs or other whitespace characters) and only care about everything before the first space and everything after the first space, you can do it without a regular expression like this: str.substr(0,str.indexOf(' ')); // "72" str.substr(str.indexOf(' ')+1); // "tocirah sneab"

Regexp Tutorial, Languages » HTML Pages with CSS and JavaScript. regular expression for allowing text and spaces but should not begin with spaces allows lowercase,​uppercase letters and spaces. but it should not start with space. point is that the beginning letter should not be a space. also give me some links where i can find loads  Just to nitpick, the second wildcard example should be .*, and your group examples will fail because you didn't capture a space (it is ice cold outside and it is cold outside match but not it is cold outside) Regex is great! And not at all as hard as it looks. Although I still don't have the hang of lookahead/lookbehinds yet 😅

regular expression for allowing text and spaces but should not begin , When you first encounter Regular Expressions, they may seem a bit weird, like Negated character set [^xyz] — It matches anything that is not enclosed in the brackets. \s — Match a whitespace character (spaces, tabs etc). Regex tutorial — A quick cheatsheet by examples. does not return after the first match, (for instance it may be the beginning of the string or a space character).

  • What are you trying to do?
  • What do you mean by not working? Your regex works pretty fine for me.
  • @M42 OP's pattern does not match any non-alpha numeric characters and is also needlessly complex.
  • May be OP wants to match only letter or digit in first position, that is what his regex means. But who knows?
  • It not worked for me but with your solution I have tried "^[^ ](.*|\n|\r|\r\n)*$" and it worked for me. Just inject the symbol ^ at the start and in the last $.