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I have 50 apk files and I need to install it to many android devices. How can I install it with one click. I can install an apk file using adb via "install" command but how to install 50 apk files at once?

I'm using Windows


In Windows, you can using this command line:

for %f in (C:\your_app_path\*.apk) do adb install "%f"

How to install multiple android applications ( from apk files) into , Here is a smart way to install multiple apps on Android at once. Reasons for changing smartphones can range from losing devices to giving in to impulse and buying a We are going to mass-install all the apps using their APK files. Open APK Installer and you will be greeted with a colorful interface. Time to say hello to multiple apk. What is multiple apks? Generating the multiple number of apks for a single application, by splitting a single apk into multiple apks, where each apk is specific for some sort of devices. Multiple apk is mainly used to generate specific apks for different screen densities and different CPU architecture.

you can either use (from ADB help):

adb install-multiple [-lrtsdpg] <file...>
                             - push this package file to the device and install it
                               (-l: forward lock application)
                               (-r: replace existing application)
                               (-t: allow test packages)
                               (-s: install application on sdcard)
                               (-d: allow version code downgrade)
                               (-p: partial application install)
                               (-g: grant all runtime permissions)

which is prefered over installing one-by-one, since you'll be saving some overhead connection-time over each command connecting/disconnecting to your device's modem,

generally speaking, use the install-multiple while escaping the package name (your apk files), you better make sure the apk files-names do not have spaces or you'll have to escape the file-names. if you are using windows's cmd escaping and wrapping with " is mandatory, unless you are using a little trick: dropping a few apk files over a batch file and using the %* as argument.

if you are still on the "I want to install one-by-one, use my script from the following answer it will allow you an unlimited amount of arguments, while properly shortening the apk-file name in the install command..

another alternative is batch compressing the whole APK to a 'storage-compression zip' pushing it to the sdCard, uncompressing it to a tmp folder, and using shell to install the packages one by one, but since those exist locally the overhead of "adb-to-modem conversations" would be almost none :)

happy installation :]

How to Install Multiple Apps on Android at Once, I would like to present you a multi apk file installer application for Secondly its just an app to install apk files into your android device so what  How to manually install apps and APK files on your Android device. Jared Peters previously you copy into the device. Click on it and install it! how to install apk? after i downloaded apk

Are you using linux ? You could copy all apks to one directory, and then run simply use:

for file in /dir/*
  adb install $file 

Multiple APK support, Android applications have the capability to “sideload” mobile apps that aren't We know that you want to install these APK files into your device but If an app contains multiple versions, you'll find all the versions with their  APK files are executable package files that install applications on your Android device. Depending on the purpose of an APK file, the package may ask users for permission to gain access to the Android device’s internal functions. How to Allow APK Files to Install from Other Sources. To allow APK files to install from sources other than Play

I found the solution. Its actually very simple:

adb install application1.apk & adb install application2.apk & adb install applicaiton3

That's what i was looking for. Thanks everyone

Android Multi-Install Tool - Install APK files in batch, Once installed, the Apps Installer will display the APK files on the memory card.​3Q. how can approve my .apk file for the Android Phone? i tried download a different app on my phone through this app and it told me it can  How to Install APK Files on Android. This wikiHow teaches you how to install an app file onto your Android. App files (known as "APK" files) are useful if you want to install an app that isn't listed on the Google Play Store, but you'll

If you need a cross platform solution which also works on multiple connected devices simultaneously (with a bunch of convenience features, like finding adb in default location), you can check out this tool:

Usage for install

java -jar uber-adb-tools.jar --install /folder/apks/

Does also uninstall multiple packages with wildcard support.

Full disclaimer: I am the developer

[Tool][Win]Android Multiple APK File Install…, Lear more about How to Instal multiple APK for the same app. in your phone, let's see what is an Application ID in an Android build system. with the application ID property in your module's build.gradle file, as shown here:. Access apps that have leaked ahead of their official release. Bypass carrier restrictions; In cases where Android device lacks access to Google Play Store; In this post you will be learning How to Install APK Files from PC to your Android phone or a tablet, so that you can start using the app on your mobile device.

How To Install APK Files On Your Android Device?, How to install APK files with apps from other sources. The safest way to install new apps on any Android device is to use the Google Play store. should be good to go even if you are running a different version of Android. APK is a package file format used to install application software on Android operating system. Usually, they come in the form of apps. It is true that the Google Play Store is literally filled with millions of applications from top games apps to productivity apps.

How to manually install apps and APK files on your Android device , Instead, we have to depend on Android App’s APK Files to install Google Play App on Kindle Fire. Before you start, to install APK files or any other third party apps on Amazon Fire, you have to change the permission on Android Fire Tablet. Open your Fire Tablet, head over to;

Break the rules: Installing multiple APK for the same app, Rooted Android device. ADB installed. (See our guide on how to install and use ADB). Device drivers installed. USB cable. Instructions: Download Auto APK installer. Extract the files. Copy all the APK files you want to install into the folder named, ‘PLACE APK HERE’. Run ‘AUTO-APK Installer.exe’ and read the pop ups on the screen as

  • For any mac or linux users that stumble on this, a similar command would be find . -name "*.apk" -exec adb install {} \; to install all apk files in the current directory (and any subdirectories).
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  • I forgot to mention. I'm on Windows
  • almost, better use | instead of &. - - The & will say "continue to next install if nothing is wrong" but sometimes (unless you choose to force install with -r: replace existing application) the package is either installed or corrupted in which case the whole line would stop executing, but in that case the rest of the install instructions won't be execute as well, while this is fine for some cases (you want to debug the package that was the case of an error) usually batch installation tend to love the "mass approach". Using | is just like saying "continue anyway".
  • I am trying this on MAC, I am getting ADB command not found. I hav enabled debugged mode also.
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