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How can I changed the height of md-toolbar in material design?

On the first toolbar I want a height from 30px and tried that:

<md-toolbar style:"height: 30px;">

But it does not work at all. I need a navbar with two bulks, that because of two toolbar.

I try this, but now letter disappear.

The height of the toolbar can be changed by adding the classes to the md-toolbar.

For a medium sized toolbar add class="md-medium-tall"

For toolbar bigger than the normal add class="md-tall"

You can also inline style the toolbar style="height:50px;"

Change height of toolbar material design : angularjs, How can I changed the height of md-toolbar in material design?​kostonstyle/pen/ZYMvdQ. On the first toolbar I wante a height from 30px and tried​  Change height of toolbar material design. Close. 3. Posted by. u/zero_coding. 4 years ago. Archived. On the first toolbar I wante a height from 30px and tried that:

You can use an inline style like this

<md-toolbar style="min-height:30px">

Use min-height to make the toolbar smaller

Toolbar, <mat-toolbar> is a container for headers, titles, or actions. Basic toolbar The Material Design specifications describe that toolbars can also have multiple rows. And this is confirmed when loading any material-ui apps on an Android phone. The default height is definitely bigger than what native Material Design apps use. The height is also not easily changed because internal DOM nodes set various padding and line-height values which all need to be overridden. It's very frustrating.

The accepted answer did not work for me. Here is how I got it working in my Angular Material app:

<mat-toolbar color="primary"
     style="min-height: 30px !important; height: 30px !important;">

App bars: top, Dense top app bar height is shorter than the regular top app bar in photos app. 1. Upon scroll, they increase elevation and let content scroll behind them. Android ToolBar Tutorial with Material Design In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create android ToolBar with Material Design support. In android 5, android ToolBar was introduce.

If just setting the min-height doesn't work, like it didn't work for me, you will also have to add in max-height with the same value:


<md-toolbar class="toolbar"></md-toolbar>


.toolbar {
  max-height: 30px;
  min-height: 30px;

Toolbar height in app header · Issue #3233 · angular/components , Toolbar height switches when android keyboard appears in chrome for mobile What What is the use-case or motivation for changing an existing behavior? Which versions of Angular, Material, OS, browsers are affected? docs content (​angular#3987) * chore: add api design section to coding standards  In Toolbar implementation navigation button is significantly bigger than the others. Its size is 56dp x 56dp . View group which holds all action buttons has also the height of 56dp .

Can't change height of toolbar-row. Fixed at 64px; · Issue #1477 , Trying to set the toolbar-row height to 50px; Setting the toolbar height which I need to customize material styles for, with ViewEncapsulation. In Android Toolbar is similar to an ActionBar (now called as App Bars). Toolbar is a Viewgroup that can be placed at anywhere in the Layout. We can easily replace an ActionBar with Toolbar. Toolbar was introduced in Material Design in API level 21 (Android 5.0 i.e Lollipop). Material Design brings lot of new features in Android that changed a

Angular 8, Material Design and flex layout, How to setup element layouts using Angular 8 and Material Design. Angular 8 and Material Design with flex-layout to setup 100% height of content element, fullscreen> <mat-sidenav-content fxLayout="column"> <mat-toolbar> <! content change by changing the route --> </router-outlet> <footer fxFlexOffset="auto">  AppBarLayout is a ViewGroup, most commonly used to wrap a Toolbar, that provides many of the Material Design features and interactions for Top App Bars, namely responsiveness to scrolling. Design & API Documentation. As a container for Toolbars, and other views, it works with CoordinatorLayout in order to respond to scrolling techniques

Why Material Design uses 64px height for navbar?, The main reason is to ensure adequate touch target size on buttons in the bar. MD spec recommends these be at least 48px and in most cases  Actions move into and out of the overflow menu as the app bar width changes, such as if a device is rotated from landscape to portrait orientation. More guidance on this is available in top app bar behavior.