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I have been having some trouble figuring out how exactly I get a process's ram usage. (How much ram it is currently consuming, not how much is reserved, or its max or min)

Lets say I have a process running in the back ground, Java.exe, it is allowed to use 1024mb of ram, how can I tell how much ram it is currently using.

I am starting the process myself, so I have access to the Process object, I would just like a little more clarification on what property is the one for me.

If you are purely interested in physical memory, you probably want WorkingSet64, which gives "the amount of physical memory allocated for the associated process." Understand that this value constantly fluctuates, and the value this call gives you may not be up to date. You may also be interested in PeakWorkingSet64, which gives "the maximum amount of physical memory used by the associated process."

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I found this on msdn and it is working

System.Diagnostics.Process proc = assign your process here :-)

int memsize = 0; // memsize in Megabyte
PerformanceCounter PC = new PerformanceCounter();
PC.CategoryName = "Process";
PC.CounterName = "Working Set - Private";
PC.InstanceName = proc.ProcessName;
memsize = Convert.ToInt32(PC.NextValue()) / (int)(1024);

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great, I wanted this to get the same as depicted in task manager,and tried:


and none of those worked but Performance Counter does !

PerformanceCounter PC = new PerformanceCounter();
PC.CategoryName = "Process";
PC.CounterName = "Working Set - Private";
PC.InstanceName = "processNameHere";
memsize = Convert.ToInt32(PC.NextValue()) / (int)(1024);

thanks a lot !

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  • Possible duplicate of How to get memory available or used in C#
  • Watch out for locked pages though, which are not part of the working set (oddly enough), and the standard task manager doesn't see them either (even though they are most certainly consumed :D)
  • I want to use PeakWorkingSet64 to get the max memory used by process, but I don't know when to get this property to give the most accuracy value. I think the best moment to get the property is when the process is "OnExitting", but Process class don' have this event. It's just have Exited event
  • this is the true answer
  • I don't think you need to cast the integer do you?
  • @Dennis - probably because chrome is not only multi threaded but also multi process (multiple executables of the same name, running at one time). So it only returns the memory of any one of the chrome executables. you can double check this using Task Manager
  • That memsize is in kB not MB
  • @laz-nikolaj-andersen please add a link reference to you answer