jqGrid get all ids

I've noticed a small bug with jqgrid that if you have virtual scrolling set to 1 and try and try to select all rows it doesn't actually select them all meaning when you call


to get all selected row data it doesn't actually get all the data. I was wondering if there was a method to get all row ids, selected or not using jqgrid.

Use the following if you're not using pagination:

var allRowsOnCurrentPage = $('#file-grid').jqGrid('getDataIDs');

Get all row IDs in jqGrid, It is possible only if you have local grid ( datatype:'local' or having loadonce:true ). In the case all data inclusive ids for all pages are already locally. In the case  If there are no column which contains id information then you can use $("#list").jqGrid('getGridParam', '_index') to get all ids and the index in the data array which is the data corresponds to the id.

could you try getRowData() with no parameters - it should return all of the rows in the grid:

var allRowsInGrid = $('#file-grid').jqGrid('getRowData');

I got this from the jqGrid wiki:


jqGrid get all ids - jqgrid - php, jqGrid('getGridParam','selarrrow'); to get all selected row data it doesn't actually get all the data. I was wondering if there was a method to get all row ids,  If you are familiar with JavaScript and jqGrid code you can look in addLocalData function. The idea is to define your own grid parameter and save the queryResults. var queryResults = After this line save the result in grid parameter and get it later.

You can use this code:

 var grid = jQuery("#mylist");
 var ids = grid.jqGrid('getDataIDs');

 for (var i = 0; i < ids.length; i++) {
    var rowId = ids[i];

how to get all the paginated records in a jqgrid table, hi, I am trying to fetch all the rows of a paginated records(records present in all the I am using jquery filters in order to get filtered records in jqgrid.. so I need to get {name:'id',index:'id', key: true, width:70, sorttype:"int"}, Removing all rows from jqGrid. is the name of the table on which we are creating the jqGrid */ // get IDs of all the rows odf jqGrid var rowIds = $('#grid1

select all rows of grid or actual SQL query – Grid 4 PHP – Support , jqGrid('getGridParam','_index');. you will get the _index parameter. It is an object which has as the properties all ids of grid. So you can  First you can get the rowid of the selected row with respect of getGridParam method and ‘selrow’ as the parameter and then you can use getCell to get the cell value from the corresponding column: var myGrid = $('#list'), selRowId = myGrid.jqGrid ('getGridParam', 'selrow'), celValue = myGrid.jqGrid ('getCell', selRowId, 'columnName');

JQGrid : How to get Selected Row ID of Custom "Delete" column , jqGrid('getDataIDs');. e.g. To select all grid rows. // reset all selection jQuery('#list1​').jqGrid('resetSelection');. // get all ids and select var ids = jQuery('#list1'). What we did is we took the editRow() call from the "onRowSelect" event. Instead we now have to click on a button to edit the row. By taking the editRow out of the event and making it explicit that you have to click the button to edit the row, when you call getRowData() it will actually return the value of the field, rather than the html of the input box.

get the selected rows first field id value for jqgrid using jquery, I follow up the sample code of JQGrid page choose Navigator Row Editing New Custom Edit JQGrid : How to get Selected Row ID of Custom "Delete" column First of all the values jqg1 , jqg2 , jqg3 are really rowids and jQuery("#delgrid"). Hello Khan_1, Khan_1),but the problem is that how to get the checkbox id in the grid ? I am not sure I completely understand your question are you saying there is a checkbox column in the jqGrid and you want the selected row's ID ? well you can get the rowdata of the selected row as per below.

  • I take it that getDataIDs would exhibit the same problem, of only returning some if the ID's?
  • Yup it only works for visible rows, not all of them
  • -1 The question specifically asked how to get all rows; not just the ones that are visible. This only retrieves visible rows.
  • This returns not only IDs, but all columns of each row.
  • Also, this only returns data from the current page.