Configure dovecot and exim4 to accept logins

I can login on my IMAP server using my username, but can't using (related: Dovecot Authentication failed if trying login with @domain) . Same thing happens for SMTP with exim4.

How can I setup dovecot (IMAP) and exim4 (SMTP) to allow as the login?

EDIT: I'm using driver = passwd for the userdb, and driver = pam for the passdb.

I had the same question, and similar reasons. This may not be the best wa but I used a test account, lets call it 'user' for the sake of illustration and, copied the user's line in /etc/passwd (I'm on a Ubuntu cloud server), and changed the name on the copied line-- just adding the fqdn so the user UID has two names: '' and the original, just 'user'. I setup the account first on Thunderbird with just 'user' to login to dovecot and exim, tested send/recieve ok. Then changed the login on Thunderbird for both servers to ''. I had to re-enter the password, but it appears to have worked spectacularly well. It tested send/recieve ok, and otherwise appears the same as before. Now, I'm short on time so I set the password separately for both accounts, but I'm not sure that part is necessary. I'll have to check later, but I think pam looks up passwords matched to the PID (if I'm wrong about that, please someone tell me!). Anyway, more testing later. I'll let you know if there are deleterious side-effects. Aside: it may be possible to simply add the full email address as an alias in /etc/alias but I haven't tested that, and I just thought of it. Anyone try that one, leave a comment! Thanks! Ciao...

Configure Dovecot and Exim 4 to accept full email address logins, How do I setup Dovecot (IMAP) and Exim4 (SMTP) to allow username@company​.com as the login instead of just username? In order to accomplish this, you  This is mainly # intended to catch and kill processes that leak memory before they eat up # everything. #default_vsz_limit = 256M # Login user is internally used by login processes. This is the most untrusted # user in Dovecot system.

  1. You have to create users in complete form of user@domain.tld.
  2. Setup login autocompletion by @hostname if domain part is omitted, before dovecot-auth invocation.

As far as there is lot of dovecot/exim howtos, there is no ready-to-use recipe for your case.

Installation of Exim4, DoveCot, SquirrelMails, (old Installation of Exim4, DoveCot, SquirrelMails, Debian 5, Debian 6) 2.6 sasl for system login; 2.7 enable exim to ask clients for passwords if You should receive the mail at your account at the OTHER domain. Source: https://www.​ This tutorial will cover how to install and configure an email system on a VPS running Arch Linux. This will allow us to receive and send email as the Linux user we create on our VPS . The email can then be accessed and administered by running a local

You can change your SQL query to use only the first part before the @ sign by using the substring_index() function. Conveniently, this string search query will return the whole string if there is no @ sign. This means that if the customer enters "", it will use the correct value (just the "local_part"), and if the customer enters just "user", it will return the whole string.


mysql> select substring_index('','@',1);
| substring_index('','@',1) |
| user                                      |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select substring_index('user','@',1);
| substring_index('user','@',1) |
| user                          |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Email Logins for Dovecot and Exim – SysteMajik Consulting, The configuration for Dovecot supports inclusion of directory contents. The password file is a simple two field file consisting of a user-id and a password. My accept rule (which is adapted for DKIM) reads as follows: accept  Hello, I can not configure Vesta CP correctly to be able to use my email addresses with STARTTLS directly from a mobile application like Outlook.

Exim: Force email auth for users of local domains, Finally I have solved the problem by myself, I just have to add the next statement to my acl config file: accept message = must auth domains  Setting Up A Mail Server Using Exim4, Clamav, Dovecot, SpamAssassin And Many More On Debian Lenny - Page 2 - Page 1; Setting Up A Mail Server Using Exim4, Clamav, Dovecot, SpamAssassin And Many More On Debian Lenny - Page 2; Setting Up A Mail Server Using Exim4, Clamav, Dovecot, SpamAssassin And Many More On Debian Lenny - Page 2 - Page 3

debian, exim4, dovecot can't authenticate users on server, the dovecot log doesn't tell me very much (I've got all the logging things set to 'yes​' in the config 2014-08-14 15:33:04 imap-login: Info: Aborted  Exim provides support for LMTP over UNIX sockets using the LMTP transport, your distribution may/not provide this, run exim -bV and check for 'lmtp' in 'Transports:'. Support for LMTP over TCP sockets is provided by the SMTP transport. Using LMTP over UNIX Socket. Use this configuration if dovecot runs on the same host as exim. Example router:

Exim, Generally, the Debian Exim 4 packages are configured through debconf. you can either take /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template, run update-exim4.conf from an ISP or other company (e.g. gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, etc.) However you should always use tls (if available) so that your login is sent encrypted. Dovecot LDA with Exim. System users. Change the localuser router to use dovecot_delivery transport: localuser: driver = accept check_local_user # local_part_suffix = +* : -* # local_part_suffix_optional transport = dovecot_delivery. check_local_user is required. It makes Exim execute the transport with the user's UID and GID and it also sets