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I have a very simple form created with Gravity Forms;

It submits two numbers and then redirects to a different result page.

How do I retrieve those two numbers on the result page?

add_filter("gform_confirmation_4", "custom_confirmation", 3, 4 );
function custom_confirmation($confirmation, $form, $lead, $ajax)

Gives a custom confirmation. Each field value can be retrieved by using $lead[{field ID}]

Redirecting Users After a Successful Form Submission in WordPress, can even redirect your submissions to different places, based on the data Upon selecting the Redirect option, you'll notice a Redirect URL field appear. so that only certain users who submit your form are redirected? Gravity Forms: Passing Data To a Form Using a URL Getting a customer to click “BUY NOW” on your pricing table is amazing, great work! But now that they’ve been redirected to your sales form, they still have to choose which options they wanted.

gform_confirmation, Send entry data to third-party; 3. Output script with confirmation message; 4. Open the page or redirect in a new tab; Placement; Source Code  Changing the destination for POST data is pretty straightforward, they have an example for it on their gform_form_tag hook documentation page. Yes, that really is the only way of doing it. Yes, that really is the only way of doing it.

This is a very old question, now you can send it using a Query String on the confirmation settings.

They have the documentation on this link: How to send data from a form using confirmations

Just follow the first step and it will be clear to you.

Javascript submit redirect push - Get Help, Will that push form data to a redirect URL log in? chrishajer Can you use the built in Redirect confirmation to send them to your lead site after  I have a Gravity form that is currently redirecting to a separate thank you page on submission (hidden link). I have it set to pass the first name field as a GET param 'n'. When I submit the form in our Default language (english) the form redirects with the GET param properly (which is then output in the page content).

redirecting with POST data - Gravity Support Forums, This option also gives you the ability to pass form field data to the redirect page via query string parameters. Using the built in query string  Display Gravity Forms entries on any page or post. We’re pumped to announce the new Gravity Forms add-on for the Conductor toolkit! From day one, Conductor has always been about displaying content in your WordPress database. We started with a posts and pages, then set our sights on custom post types & custom fields.

Using Query Strings on Redirect page « Gravity Support Forums, I'm new to query strings, and am trying to get data to post to a redirect page after submit. On my site, I'm using gravity forms so users can  In the Redirect URL field, enter the URL of your secondary form. If you have not already created a second form, go ahead and do so as well as embed it within a page and obtain the URL for that page. If you have not already created a second form, go ahead and do so as well as embed it within a page and obtain the URL for that page.

Redirect to Referrer URL after Gravity Form Submission, This is especially useful if you're using Gravity Forms to register a user via the User The issue is that if you submit the form, the page URL that the form is The tricky part will be appending the entry data from Form A into that redirect URL​… They are directed to a separate page to register (via a Gravity Form). The registration form redirects them back to the now-unlocked page. To streamline the process even further use the GP Auto Login plugin so the user arrives at the previous page already logged in and ready to view the protected content.