Best way to split "a{b}c{d}"

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I'm struggling other than brute force method to split

String str = "a{b}c{d}" 


String[] arr;
arr[0] = "a"
arr[1] = "{b}"
arr[2] = "c"
arr[3] = "{d}"

Wondering if there's a more efficient way other out there than using indexOf and subString

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just use the String.split() method (documentation)

arr = str.split()

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You may use the String.split(String delimiter) method :

String str = "a {b} c {d}";
String[] arr = str.split(" ");
System.out.println(Arrays.toString(arr));  //  [a, {b], c, {d}]

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Use String.split()...

String[] arr = str.split(" ");

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I don't know if it's as efficient as the previous regex solutions; I'm putting a single white space before { and after } then splitting string by " ":

    String str = "a{b}c{d}";
    String[] split = str.replace("{"," {").replace("}","} ").split(" ");

Desired output:

    [a, {b}, c, {d}]

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  • "a {b} c {d}".split(" ");?
  • "a {b} c {d}".split("\\s+")
  • This needs to be reopened since the question has changed. There are no spaces anymore
  • Use could create a regex using java.util.regex.Pattern for a better performance.