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I need to test my mail server. How can I make a Select statement that selects say ID=5469 a thousand times.

If I get your meaning then a very simple way is to cross join on a derived query on a table with more than 1000 rows in it and put a top 1000 on that. This would duplicate your results 1000 times.

EDIT: As an example (This is MSSQL, I don't know if Access is much different)

    SELECT TOP 1000
) [BigTable]
    MyTable.ID = 1234

Selecting row multiple times, as specified by a field in that row , If you have a numbers table, you can use that. If you don't have a numbers table, just create one: CREATE TABLE dbo.Numbers(Number INT  select row n times with SQL. I have 3 tables. Person, Group and PersonGroup. Each Person can be in multiple Groups. In the PersonGroup table there's a field called ShowCount, which says how many times a Person should be shown.

You can use the UNION ALL statement.

Try something like:

SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE ID = 5469
SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE ID = 5469

You'd have to repeat the SELECT statement a bunch of times but you could write a bit of VB code in Access to create a dynamic SQL statement and then execute it. Not pretty but it should work.

Solved: Repeat same rows multiple times in a result, Solved: I have an interesting challenge to repeat same rows multiple times in a result. I am taking about SQL query (UNION ALL,IN)used to extract data from database. AB Where do you want to store those "rows"? Because I have a query which have a column named number, I want to repeat that row in number column times. for example if i have a row which its number column is 2 then it would repeat that column for two times and continue doing this for all of the rows.

Create a helper table for this purpose: JUST_NUMBER(NUM INT primary key) Insert (with the help of some (VB) script) numbers from 1 to N. Then execute this unjoined query:


How to select one Row twice or More, Hi, i would like to select the same record more than once the purpose is to make a mailing label but i need to repeat john several times tks basic sql : selecting the same column multiple times in one query, when each occurrence is dependent on different where clause. select a single row multiple times

Here's a way of using a recursive common table expression to generate some empty rows, then to cross join them back onto your desired row:

declare @myData table (val int) ;
insert @myData values (666),(888),(777) --some dummy data

;with cte as
    select 100 as a
    union all
    select a-1 from cte where a>0 
        --generate 100 rows, the max recursion depth

,someRows as
select top 1000 0 a from cte,cte x1,cte x2 
       --xjoin the hundred rows a few times
       --to generate 1030301 rows, then select top n rows
select m.* from @myData m,someRows where m.val=666

substitute @myData for your real table, and alter the final predicate to suit.

SQL results displays same result multiple times - PHP, SQL results displays same result multiple times result multiple times until the last row that is only displayed once like the rest of them should be. any ideas? <?​php $sql = "SELECT videos. Make it a separate table instead. Is the query matching the search keywords multiple times in a single row? This could get you on the right track – Ryan Jul 14 '11 at 14:34

easy way...

This exists only one row into the DB

sku = 52 , description = Skullcandy Inkd Green ,price = 50,00

Try to relate another table in which has no constraint key to the main table

Original Query

SELECT  Prod_SKU , Prod_Descr , Prod_Price FROM  dbo.TB_Prod WHERE Prod_SKU = N'52'

The Functional Query ...adding a not related table called 'dbo.TB_Labels'

SELECT TOP ('times')  Prod_SKU , Prod_Descr , Prod_Price FROM  dbo.TB_Prod,dbo.TB_Labels WHERE Prod_SKU = N'52'

SQL: UNION ALL Operator, The SQL UNION ALL operator is used to combine the result sets of 2 or more SELECT statements (does not remove duplicate rows). supplier_id multiple times in the result set if that same value appeared in both the suppliers and orders table. columns in each SELECT statement have the same name, but they do need  If you wrap the SELECT NULL FROM DUAL GROUP BY CUBE (1,1,1,) in an in-line view, the expected behavior results. SQL> SHOW ARRAYSIZE arraysize 15 SQL> SELECT NULL 2 FROM DUAL 3 GROUP BY CUBE (1,1,1,1,1) -- 32 rows expected 4 / N - 15 rows selected.

Display Same Record Multiple time from SQL Query, Display Same Record Multiple time from SQL Query easy job with the help of PL/SQL block but here we will see, how we can do this using SQL query. SELECT   LEVEL FROM dual CONNECT BY LEVEL <= 10 ;  Maybe there's a better way than selecting the same row several times. – EdoDodo Jul 7 '11 at 8:58 I need to generate a row for each child, because there are some extra data that can be different.

Documentation: 9.5: SELECT, If the WHERE clause is specified, all rows that do not satisfy the condition are eliminated from ambiguity for self-joins (where the same table is scanned multiple times). Of course, the SELECT statement is compatible with the SQL standard. SELECT * FROM #Insert On table #Temp we have a txt column and a cnt column, we have to insert this values into #Insert table multiple times as specified in cnt column, as on #insert Output from #

MySQL REPEAT() Function, MySQL REPEAT() Function. ❮ MySQL Functions. Example. Repeat a string 3 times: SELECT REPEAT("SQL Tutorial"  Hi, i would like to select the same record more than once example Tablex Cod - Name 123 - John 124 - mary I would like to to make a Select bring me this 123 - John 123 - John 123 - John 123 - John the purpose is to make a mailing label but i need to repeat john several times tks: Clages