Docker-machine create: Error with pre-create check: "Hyper-v commands have to be run as an Administrator"

error with pre create check: vboxmanage not found windows 10
error with pre-create check this computer is running hyper-v
docker-machine default'' does not exist
error with pre-create check: "vswitch \"myswitch\" not found"
error with pre create check: vswitch not found
error with pre create check no external vswitch found
docker-machine error with pre create check
docker-machine ubuntu

I try to create a docker-machine with docker for Windows 10 using next command:

docker-machine create --driver hyperv default

But I get the next error

Error with pre-create check: "Hyper-v commands have to be run as an Administrator"

Anyone knows how to fix this issue? Thanks

Simply start cmd (terminal) as admin.

Otherwise, if this does not work: there is a known issue #2989 in docker machine: the creation of a Docker machine fails with the error message "Hyper-v commands have to be run as an Administrator", even if your user is member of the Hyper-V Administrator group and the Hyper-V Administrators have full access to the folder containing the VM:

λ Get-Acl E:\docker\ | Format-List ... Access : BUILTIN\Hyper-V Administrators Allow FullControl

jtnord has found a workaround by creating a VM with fixed-size disk. He has tested this for users that are group members of Hyper-V Administrators and he has given FullControl for the base Folder for Hyper-V Administrators, as I understand it.

Error with pre-create check: "VBoxManage not found. Make , I have installed VirtualBox, it is in below path, I am trying to run a command "​docker-machine create --driver VirtualBox default" but still getting  Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be sure to answer the question.Provide details and share your research! But avoid …. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers.

Just Add your current user to "Local Group": 'Hyper-V Administrators'.

Check your <current username> by:

> whoami

Start cmd.exe by Administrator:

  1. Check localgroup by: > net localgroup
  2. Add to Hyper-V Admininstrators: > net localgroup "Hyper-V Administrators" <current username> /add
  3. Sign out or Reboot

Pre-create check failed when first time launch Docker Quickstart , Actual behavior Docker VM on Windows host failed with "No default Running pre-create checks… Error with pre-create check: "Get Looks like something went wrong in step 'Checking if machine default exists'… When I run this command docker-machine create --driver virtualbox default I get this error: Running pre-create checks (default) No default Boot2Docker ISO found locally, downloading the latest r

You can change the properties on the docker-machine executable to Run As Administrator. The file is located (at least on my box) in C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\resources\bin\docker-machine.exe Find this file, right click and select Compatibility and check the box "Run this program as an administrator".

docker-machine create, This is because you are trying to create a machine using --driver hyperv from windows 7 machine and this option is available for Windows 10/  Dismiss Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Docker-machine: Error with pre-create check in windows, Afterwards you should refresh your terminal and rerun your command. docker-​machine create --driver virtualbox local-docker. cp docker-machine.exe docker-machine.014.exe. Rename the downloaded filename to docker-machine.exe. mv docker-machine-Windows-x86_64.exe docker-machine.exe. Build Instructions. Create virtual switch in Hyper-V manager named myswitch; Request Docker to create a VM named myvm1; docker-machine create -d hyperv --hyperv-virtual-switch "myswitch

Error with pre-create check: "VBoxManage not , sudo docker-machine create --driver virtualbox default. and get this error: Error with pre-create check: "VBoxManage not found. Make sure  For this reason, Docker Machine has a “pre-create check” which is specified at the driver level. If this pre-create check succeeds, Docker Machine proceeds with the creation as normal. If the pre-create check fails, the Docker Machine process exits with status code 3 to indicate that the source of the non-zero exit was the pre-create check failing.

Cannot create a virtualbox using docker-machine, Short answer. Don't use the snap. I reinstalled everything using the official tutorial and it works now. The case of module name is controlled by the way you explicit import (or not import) the Hyper-V module. If you don't explicit import it (like when you execute from cmd as you use the -NoProfile switch) it will report hyper-v.

  • This is a pretty method, I don't have to use cmd with administrator anymore