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Can we define a Layout for whole controller in that particular controller?I have used before filter of the appcontroller for this purpose earlier but it doesnt solves it any more.So i need that there should be some definition of layout in controller that would apply for all the actions of that controller.


use it:

inside your action

$this->layout = 'mylayout';

you have to create that layout in view/layout/mylayout.ctp

or add this function to controller to set layout for each action of controller

  function beforeFilter() {
        $this->layout = 'mylayout';

Views - 2.x, use it: inside your action $this->layout = 'mylayout';. you have to create that layout in view/layout/mylayout.ctp. or add this function to controller  Besides a default layout CakePHP’s official skeleton app also has an ‘ajax’ layout. The Ajax layout is handy for crafting AJAX responses - it’s an empty layout. (Most AJAX calls only require a bit of markup in return, rather than a fully-rendered interface.) The skeleton app also has a default layout to help generate RSS.

The best way to do some thing like this

var $layout = 'my_account';

This will apply to your entire controller. After adding this code it will look something like this.

class MyAccountsController extends AppController {
    var $name = 'MyAccounts';
    var $components = array('Email');
    var $layout = 'my_account';

If you do not want to use some of the action you can explicitly define in your action like this

function my_action(){
    $this->layout = 'another_layout';

Now this my_action will take another layout and rest of the action will take my_account layout

Assigning Layout in cakephp, use it: inside your action $this->layout = 'mylayout';. you have to create that layout in view/layout/mylayout.ctp. or add this function to controller  CakePHP features two core layouts (besides CakePHP’s default layout) you can use in your own application: ‘ajax’ and ‘flash’. The Ajax layout is handy for crafting AJAX responses - it’s an empty layout.

For CakePHP 3.0 Red Velvet

Layout file location:

New param:


*"loginUI" is file name layout

php - Assigning Layout in cakephp, You can define you custom layout as well and placed into '/app/views/layouts' folder.Cake PHP also provide functionality to override default  However, it’s also possible to have controllers work with more than one model. In CakePHP, a controller is named after the primary model it handles. Your application’s controllers extend the AppController class, which in turn extends the core Controller class.

Yes we can. You just need to create your layout file under Template>>Layout>>yourlayout.ctp Then load this layout along with the Controller by:

class MyController extends AppController {
    public function initialize(){
        parent :: initialize();
        $this->layout = "yourlayout";


this will automatically implement this layout as default for the Controller. you might want to use $this->viewBuilder->layout("yourlayout"); inside the initialize() but it leads to error "Call to member function layout() on boolean". So instead you can use the former.

How To Define Layout In Cake PHP, This is a (multiple allowed): bug enhancement feature-discussion (RFC) CakePHP Version: 3.3.3. Platform and Target: Web server AWS (any)  Le fichier de layout par défaut de CakePHP est placé dans /app/View/Layouts. Si vous voulez changer entièrement le look de votre application, alors c’est le bon endroit pour commencer, parce que le code de vue de rendu du controller est placé à l’intérieur du layout par défaut quand la page est rendue.

default layout doesn't automatically load · Issue #9400 · cakephp , Most views are rendered inside of a layout; Helpers - Classes that are in PHP and use a special file extension called ”.ctp”(CakePHP Template); These files  CakePHP 4.0.0 is as tasty as other major CakePHP releases but will now require you to use PHP 7.2. With a refreshed application skeleton design, CakePHP 4.0.0 comes with a streamlined API making your development and application faster. While 4.0 contains a number of breaking changes we have prepared

Views & Templates, One of the new features in CakePHP 2.1 I am excited about are view blocks and Template inheritance allows you to create skeleton views, and define blocks to $this->assign() lets you set the contents of a block to a string. Step 3: Move the “fpdf” unzipped files to your /app/Vendor directory within Cakephp. Now you should have the directory path as /app/Vendor/fpdf. Step 4: Create a new Cakephp layout file for the pdfs. We will use this layout when serving a pdf to the client. Create a file called pdf.ctp inside of /app/View/Layouts.

View inheritance in CakePHP, The default layout that comes with CakePHP has some nice styling, One way to pull out just one property would be to assign the user object back into a  CakePHP: Assigning The Return Value of New By Reference is Deprecated A few web applications has been returning this “Assigning the return value of new by reference is Deprecated” message after I’ve upgraded my local web server to run PHP 5.3.

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