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Is it possible to convert from MySQL to SQLite with a free tool on windows?

Convert MySQL to SQlite, Convert your MySQL .SQL file to a SQLite file online. No need to install MySQL yourself. Privacy and security is ensured. Read MySQL .SQL using Ubuntu; Why use RebaseData? Strong security. Convert online without installing MySQL Server. Works with Windows, Mac and Linux. Use an API to convert your databases. Professional support. Terms. We don't guarantee for the success or correctness of the conversion; You are only allowed to convert your own database files

Convert MySQL to SQLite online, #!/bin/sh. # Converts a mysqldump file into a Sqlite 3 compatible file. It also extracts the MySQL `KEY xxxxx` from the. # CREATE block and create them in  RebaseData is actually an online tool to convert MySQL to SQLite for free. Here it simply takes the SQL dump file of the MySQL database that you want to convert to SQLite. You can simply upload the SQL file on the website and it will process it. And in a few seconds, it will return the SQLite database file that you can use anywhere you want.

Sequel (Ruby ORM) has a command line tool for dealing with databases, you must have ruby installed, then:

  $ gem install sequel mysql2 sqlite3 
  $ sequel mysql2://user:password@host/database -C sqlite://db.sqlite

MySQL to Sqlite converter · GitHub, Option to export SQLite database into MySQL script file. Command line support. Full Convert. Database conversion and synchronization between Microsoft Access  Commands to convert MySQL to SQLite The next step is to import the file into SQLite. For this, we execute DB Browser for SQLite. Once opened, go to the Menu option: File-> Import-> Database from SQL file

Not every DB schema can be converted. MySQL is more complex and feature-rich than SQLite. However, if your schema is simple enough, you could dump it into an SQL file and try to import it / load it into an SQLite DB.

SQLite CVSTrac, MySQL, MariaDB → SQLite, MySQL Dump, PHP Script; SQLite ↔ Amazon RDS | Aurora; SQLite ↔ Google Cloud SQL for MySQL; SQLite ↔ Azure Database for  Data migration and synchronization between MySQL and SQLite databases can be easily performed with help of our DBConvert/ DBSync tools. The software offers flexible customization for full or partial data importing/ exporting, editing and managing target database objects, data mapping and data filtering and many more useful features for efficient MySQL to SQLite replication and migration.

Update 2019: The website is gone. The following answer is no longer valid.

From this webpage:

download SQLite2009 Pro Enterprise Manager

It is free. It can import data from Mysql database. I just converted a 17M database. It is perfect.

Convert / Sync from MySQL to SQLite, In this article, we will learn how to migrate a MySQL database to SQLite. For this, we will rely on two tools, phpMyAdmin and DB Browser for SQLite. Convert SQL to SQLite online. Convert Input file. Our API accepts a single .SQL file. The type does not matter, for example it can be MySQL, MSSQL or general SQL.

How to convert MySQL to SQLite - Querychat, What follows is a simple way to convert a MySQL database to SQLite. It will not work universally, and will likely require modification in most  I've used your shell script to convert mysql to sqlite but am having issues. I'm not very familiar with awk but I believe the problem is with the comments embedded in the mysqldump input file. I tried to attach the inpout and output files for your review but this comment section here will not accept the file format for some reason.

MySQL to SQLite Migration, Usage: mysql2sqlite [OPTIONS] Transfer MySQL to SQLite using the provided CLI options. Options: -f, --sqlite-file PATH SQLite3 database file  The conversion of SQL Server to SQLite database conversion using Full Convert is simple and has to do a few quick steps: Connect to your source target databases; Optional: Choose which tables you want to convert (all are selected by default) Start the conversion, sit back and enjoy

mysql-to-sqlite3 · PyPI, DB_name > dump_mysql.sql # or #mysqldump --no-data -u root -pmyPassword [options] DB_name > dump_mysql.sql Convert the dump to SQLite3 DB./mysql2sqlite dump_mysql.sql | sqlite3 mysqlite3.db (both mysql2sqlite and sqlite3 might write something to stdout and stderr - e.g. memory coming from PRAGMA journal_mode = MEMORY; is not harmful) Development

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  • Works as charm! Here is a bit of documentation: $ ./ -h host -u MyUserName -pMySecretPassWord myDbase | sqlite3 database.sqlite
  • can i just create mySQL specific table without whole database?
  • Almost worked for me... what if I use a nonstandard port like 3310 how do I add that in?
  • @unmircea there are many ways to specify port number, beyond the scope here - perhaps open another question.
  • Tried $ ./ -h host:PORT -u MyUserName -pMySecretPassWord myDbase | sqlite3 database.sqlite and it didn't work. I eventually restarted the server on the 3306 port and tried that. The script ran but only wrote "memory" at the command line and just stood there.
  • Don't forget gem install mysql and gem install sqlite3
  • and gem install pg if you want to convert from or to a postgres db, sequel should have adapters for major db's
  • replace mysql with mysql2 if you are using mysql2
  • Note: You'll need the ruby-dev package to build these native gem packages.
  • Had to use "gem install sequel mysql2 sqlite3" and then "sequel mysql2://user:password@host/database -C sqlite://db.sqlite" PERFECT
  • That link appears to windows only.