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I just upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra And I met this problem which is i cannot Update xcode. When i click on update it shows loading symbol on top starts animating and nothing happen.

I tried this:

sudo defaults delete /Library/Preferences/ RecommendedUpdates
sudo defaults delete /Library/Preferences/ DidRegisterLocalUpdates
sudo rm /Library/Updates
rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/

Any help?

Re-login your apple id in App Store might help. If not, you can download the latest Xcode in developer website instead of updating.

Can't update Xcode, Yes I always found updating Xcode from the App Store a painful experience. Assuming you have an Apple ID*, you can bypass App Store and  Starting with the 11.1 update, it would get to 80%, start over, and then back at the 80% point it would say, “Unable to Download App. Xcode could not be installed. Please try again later.” I tried several times, even restarting my iMac Pro, more than once.

You actually doesn't have to go to developer website as @user9749232 said. If you move your current Xcode file from Applications(Finder -> Applications) to trash, you can then download the latest Xcode from AppStore itself. If you want your Xcode back, take it back from trash.

Cannot update xcode on AppStore, Re-login your apple id in App Store might help. If not, you can download the latest Xcode in developer website instead of updating. The last update I had to completely uninstall my entire Xcode installation and not before then could I manage to install Xcode from the Appstore. So, with a FRESH installation, Xcode now fails again to update from the appstore.

A combination of the answers already given worked for me: Delete the old version of Xcode, Sign out from the Appstore, Restart my mac, Sign in to Appstore and you're ready to go.

Solution: Can't Update Xcode From App Store, Hangs Indefinitely , Sometimes you when you're updating Xcode, it just hangs in the App Store. Here's a workaround. How To Update Xcode Without App Store. You can download  Hi. I can't update to the latest xcode version from the appstore, it's just shows install, not update. Iv'e searched around, cleared my caché and doublechecked so I only have 1 version installed on my computer and rebooted the computer.

Xcode 11.1 failing to install for anyone else on Catalina?, Xcode 11.1 has been released according to Apple (so, not the GM seed, the released version on the App Store) but I can't update to it on Catalina. It doesn't  Xcode includes everything developers need to create great applications for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Xcode provides developers a unified workflow for user interface design, coding, testing, and debugging.

Can't update Xcode, I have XCode 7.0 and I want to update to the last version (7.3). But it doesn't appear in the updates page of the App Store. So, I searched for XCode in the App​  Ok, thanks for that. So then, that begs the question can I find an ftp approach to downloading this? I looked for a downloadable file, other than the update via App Store, but did not see any but the betas.

Can't download xCode from App Store (Mojave VM Ware), What solved it for me was to do a software upgrade. After a reboot, I got to version 10.14.5 and the Xcode in the App Store was now available for install.