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I have recently installed Windows Server 2016 and I'm trying to get my IIS 10 set-up to create a site. The PHP 5.6.30 installed just fine, but the PHP Manager 1.2, WinCache 1.3 for PHP 5.6 and CGI didn't install!

The dialog image:

The PHP Manager log:

The WebPI log:

I've tried setting the MajorVersion to 7 (and other values), but the installer still fails. I have .NET 4.5> installed.

as far as i know this addon/tool has not been working since the release of Windows Server 2012 R2.

i have still to find Another tool like it, but so far nothing has come up though i have found this solution:

(confirmed to work, just remember to restart the IIS manager)

PHP Manager for IIS fails to install, As Abhi says: fire up regedit.exe and change the decimal value of  The install fails because the Cgi facility is not installed and as I discovered cannot be installed via WPI. Go to Control Panel and into Windows Programs and Features. Use the traditional method of adding Cgi to Iis by checking the box and then install. Revisit WPI again and any installs that depended on Cgi will now install.

PHP Manager requires .NET Framework 3.5 installed and may require a small hack in the registry as outlined here:

I was able to find a workaround at the PHP manager's site. Just make sure you have .NET 3.5 installed and modify the following registry:


The value is 10 (Ax0). Just change the value to 9 (or 8), then try to install it again.

To avoid future issues with other IIS stuff, change back to 10 (Ax0). It seems that PHP Manager validates the value converting it into string or something related.

Error while installing PHP Manager for IIS on Windows Server 2016 , Error while installing PHP Manager for IIS on Windows Server 2016. Nov 02, 2016 03:42 PM|rdmartin33|LINK. I'm setting up a new Win Server  Error: PHP Manager for IIS Requires IIS 7 or higher to be Installed. To problem Is with the IIS 10 version number located In the registry, To fix the Issue I’ll change the registry value on my Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10 If using Window 10.

On my Windows Server 2016 machine for some reason the Web Platform Installer (downloaded from gave me a less recent PHP version (5.3.28) than yours, but all components were correctly installed, with the exception of PHP Manager (which I was expecting given it has been discontinued, and I didn't really care anyway...):

Also, if you want, you can install the components manually, by following this detailed post:

Steps to Install PHP manually on Windows 2016 server

It's really not complicated and it will give you a better understanding of what is not working, should that be the case.

With the help of above article I could also verify that the Web Platform Installer did not miss any important parts (modifying php.ini as required by extensions, setting environment variables, and so on).

Hope it helps.

PHP Manager Fails To Install On IIS Via WebPI, Update: April 2020 – after performing the above steps on later versions of Windows Server 2016 and all versions of Windows Server 2019, you  How to install PHP Manager for IIS on Windows Server or Windows 10. If you’re using PHP on Windows with IIS you most certainly know the PHP Manager for IIS tool, an excellent GUI that integrates within the IIS Manager interface as a snap-in that you can use to flawlessly manage your PHP installation(s) on your IIS server machine.

We have several Windows Server 2012 R2 servers with PHP Manager running without problems (sorry Robert). I have just setup a new one and added PHP Manager and others by installing PHP 5.6 with Web Platform installer. The only thing needed extra was .NET 3.5. Have you tried to setup with .NET 3.5 installed?

When you try to install PHP Manager using the direct download link, the setup will ask you to install .NET 2.0. That isn't necessary :).

PHP Manager Fails to install on Windows 2016, Net 3.5 installed. WPI doesn't prompt for it as a dependency, but the PHP Manager install will fail without it. Edit v2: Apparently WPI should no longer be trusted for installing PHP Manager for IIS. Grab the MSI file for your version of IIS from this Git repo: PHP Manager for IIS This product did not install successfully. Downloaded file failed signature verification and may have been tampered with. Screenshot

PHP Manager for IIS Fatal Error during installation, However, there is a slight stumbling block when trying to add PHP support to IIS in Windows Server 2016. Specifically, when you go to use Web  PHP Manager for IIS is a tool for managing one or many PHP installations compatible with the latest version of IIS - 10. Validate and properly configure existing PHP installations; Run multiple PHP versions side by side on the same server and even within the same web site; Check PHP runtime configuration and environment (output of phpinfo

PHP Manager installation on IIS 10, I have installed PHP on Windows Server 2016 running IIS 10 I am trying to install PHP Manager for IIS now and getting the error on the  Installing IIS on Windows Server 2016 Open Server Manager by clicking the Server Manager icon on the desktop. In the Server Manager window, with the Dashboard and Quick Start s How To Install IIS On Windows Server 2016 (All Editions)

How to Install PHP Manager on Windows Server 2016 And Windows , Note: PHP Manager also fails when trying to Install it using the Web Platform Installer. Error: PHP Manager for IIS Requires IIS 7 or higher to be  Install IIS Through GUI. If your server has the graphical user interface component installed you can also install IIS by following these steps. Open Server Manager, this can be found in the start menu. If it’s not there simply type “Server Manager” with the start menu open and it should be found in the search.