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I am trying to get Xerial's Sample class to work in Eclipse with sqlite, but I keep getting the error "ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC"

I downloaded the sqlite-jdbc-3.7.2.jar file from Copied it into the lib folder under my project "database_test" in eclipse. Then right-clicked on the Project->Properties->Java Build Path->Libraries Tab->Add JARs->Select the jar file. I am trying to execute this code from Xerial found here:

// load the sqlite-JDBC driver using the current class loader

Connection connection = null;
  // create a database connection
  connection = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:sqlite:sample.db");
  Statement statement = connection.createStatement();
  statement.setQueryTimeout(30);  // set timeout to 30 sec.

  statement.executeUpdate("drop table if exists person");
  statement.executeUpdate("create table person (id integer, name string)");
  statement.executeUpdate("insert into person values(1, 'leo')");
  statement.executeUpdate("insert into person values(2, 'yui')");
  ResultSet rs = statement.executeQuery("select * from person");
    // read the result set
    System.out.println("name = " + rs.getString("name"));
    System.out.println("id = " + rs.getInt("id"));
catch(SQLException e)
  // if the error message is "out of memory", 
  // it probably means no database file is found
    if(connection != null)
  catch(SQLException e)
    // connection close failed.

} }

Every site I have been to has said add the jar file to your build path or class path and I believe I have done that, but nothing has solved the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks to user phew for the help/ideas.

I missed the obvious command line instructions on Xerial's site for the Sample program. To get the program to run from the command line, I had to copy the JAR file into the same folder as the .java program. Then run the following command:

java -classpath ".:sqlite-jdbc-(VERSION).jar" Sample

org.sqlite.JDBC will not be found – IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform , Here you will see the code: private void getConnection() throws java.lang.​ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC at I am trying to get Xerial's Sample class to work in Eclipse with sqlite, but I keep getting the error "ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC" I downloaded the

All the above solutions works well, when you are dealing with the desktop JAVA Application. In the case of WebAPP Application, following above solutions will not work. Actually it is the issue with your App server, that is you needed to add sqlite-jar under your WEB-INF/lib and then only you will be able to run your webapp successfully.

For doing so you can follow below steps:

Go to:

Project-> Properties-> Deployment Assembly-> Add-> Archives From File System -> Next -> Add

Navigate to the folder where you have your sqlite-jar, select it and hit OK.

Click Finish. OK.

Done, you should be able to run your app now.


Java Connect to SQLite with JDBC Example, Java code example to make connection to SQLite database. JDBC driver library from, there is one provided by  I'm using the xerial sqlite-jdbc driver and swing for objects. When I run my application on Eclipse it works fine, but when I export the application to a single jar file it shows me the error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.jdbc

One way that worked for me is to go to JRE System Library -> right clik -> build path -> configure build path -> add external jars -> select the jar and compile.

xerial/sqlite-jdbc, ClassNotFoundException when trying to use SQLite with ONOS app (Maven) #​258​classnotfoundexception-org-sqlite-jdbc-error-in-java-netbeans-8-2 mentioned above) to run your Java program, Maven will not manage the run-time classpath. I have added sqlite jar in lib folder into project and i also added into build path but still i'm getting "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC" exception. here is conection code. tr

first you can download sqlite-jdbc- and after add jar file in your project

Window > Show_view > Package Explorer

step-1: right click on referenced libraries
step-2: select Built path
step-3: configure Built path
step-4: Add External jars file
step-5: add sqlite-jdbc-
step-6: ok

or second way useful

your project can set the Classpath : Lib/sqlite-jdbc-

1)create a folder "Lib" in your project workspace 
2)"Lib" folder paste jar file like "sqlite-jdbc-"
3)After Double click on your project file i.e. 'MANIFEST.MF'
4)select Runtime(Bottom view panel) 
5)plug-in Classpath(Bottom_right position) to add jar file like "Lib/sqlite-jdbc-"

this working 100% sure..thanks

🧙 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC error in , Thanks to phew for his help / ideas. I missed the obvious command line instructions on the Xerial site for the Sample program. To run the program from the  Thanks to user phew for the help/ideas. I missed the obvious command line instructions on Xerial's site for the Sample program. To get the program to run from the command line, I had to copy the JAR file into the same folder as the .java program.

As said before, add the jar File to your Project.

For Android Studio / IntelliJ you just go this way:

File > Project Structure >

New Module >

Import .JAR/.AAR Package

Now select/add your .jar File and let IntelliJ do the rest.

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC, java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC. Hi I am integrating SQLite with JDBC and getting the following error. compile 'org.xerial:sqlite-jdbc:3.8.11' Delete Table in MongoDB · How to show table data in MongoDB · How to select second max value in a list using sql · Example of DBMS? java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: erro org.sqlite.JDBC no programa de xerial Eu estou tentando obter class de amostra do Xerial para trabalhar no Eclipse com sqlite , mas continuo recebendo o erro “ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC”

java: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC error in , JDBC error in program from xerial to work in Eclipse with sqlite, but I keep getting the error "ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite. I saw the jar file download just fine. I can even import org.sqlite.JDBC just fine as well. Nonetheless, I still get the following exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC not found by org.tsg.inspector [181] I am not using IntelliJ, strictly through the CLI and Maven for compilation. Could there be other dependencies that I

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC Fehler in , Dank user puh für die Hilfe/Ideen. Ich habe die offensichtliche Befehlszeile auf der Xerial-Website für das Beispielprogramm verpasst. Um das Programm über  Merci pour la réponse. Je suis à l'aide d'Eclipse, et j'ai ouvert le fichier jar que j'ai téléchargé à partir de Xerial et la structure des dossiers org/sqlite/JDBC.class et org/sqlite/ les deux existent dans le fichier JAR. L'exécution de javac retourne pas d'erreurs. Rien n'est souligné en rouge dans Eclipse

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/sqlite/NativeDB, I am trying run an simple example for sqlite on mac. NoClassDefFoundError: org/sqlite/NativeDB at java.lang. This is a bug in the 3.8.2-SNAPSHOT release: The native libraries are present for Linux, mac and When i run the program i am getting this error: java.lang. org.sqlite.JDBC belongs to sqlite-jdbc jar, you need to include this jar in your classpath.

  • Assuming you're using Eclipse or Netbeans - if DriverManager.getConnection() is not underlined red (Class/Method not found) and the program compiles fine then its (almost) safe to assume you properly imported the *.jar file. You could try and expand the libs folder in your Files/Projects window on the left side, then digg into the sqlite-jdbc-3.7.2.jar-file and see if org->sqlite->JDBC exists.
  • Thanks for the reply. I am using Eclipse, and I opened the jar file I downloaded from Xerial and the folder structure org/sqlite/JDBC.class and org/sqlite/ both exist in the JAR file. Running javac returns no errors. Nothing is underlined in red in Eclipse either...
  • Did you run the program within the IDE or did you compile it to .jar and ran it via console? EDIT: Also I remember Eclipse offers you Add external JARs aswell (I didn't use Eclipse in a while though) - you could try that, too, it should use the full path to the library instead of the relative path from the project's root directory.
  • I tried the "Add External JARs" as well. I might be compiling/running it incorrectly. I first tried simply running it at the console with: javac -> java Sample... and that resulted in the error. Running it within Eclipse just results in the console window in eclipse showing "<terminated>SQLite Java Application". Do I have to do anything else with the JAR file other than just copying it into my lib folder and adding it to the Build Path?
  • When you use javac to compile the to Sample.class you will have to make sure the lib path containing the sqlite-jdbc-3.7.2.jar is still in the same place in relation to the Sample.class. Try making a folder "MyProgram", put Sample.class into that folder AND the lib folder containing the sql-connector aswell; You should have something like MyProgram/Sample.class and MyProgram/lib/sqlite-jdbc-3.7.2.jar. Then try running it via console.
  • If instead of linux you are using windows, you should use ";" instead of ":" in the classpath.