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I am trying to implement private 1 to 1 chat with QuickBlox but following the Quickblox docs only shows for group chat in . When I try sending just single occupants_ids, it gives following error :

"errors": [
"Occupants_ids cannot be less than one."

I am hitting create Dialog API with following body :

"type": 3,
"name": "",
"occupant_id": "13822296"

Do I need to update some keys in my request body?

Please check: Create new 1-1(private) chat dialog

Code from documentaton work for me:

let chatDialog: QBChatDialog = QBChatDialog(dialogID: nil, type: QBChatDialogType.Private)
chatDialog.occupantIDs = [user.ID]

QBRequest.createDialog(chatDialog, successBlock: {(response: QBResponse?, createdDialog: QBChatDialog?) in completion?(response: response, createdDialog: chatDialog)

    print("sucess + \(response)")

}, errorBlock: {(response: QBResponse!) in

    print("response + \(response)")

Chat, It doesn't matter what is the value of save_to_history parameter. Chat If user sends a chat message to some user and private dialog wasn't created - it will be  Use type=1(PUBLIC_GROUP) to create a public group dialog. All the users from your application will be able to join it. Server will create a public group chat and return a detailed information about newly created dialog. Field xmpp_room_jid will contain a Chat room JID to which you should connect to start chatting.

QBChatDialog *chatDialog = [[QBChatDialog alloc] initWithDialogID:null type:QBChatDialogTypePrivate];
chatDialog.occupantIDs = @[@(1530190)];

[QBRequest createDialog:chatDialog successBlock:^(QBResponse *response, QBChatDialog *createdDialog) {

} errorBlock:^(QBResponse *response) {


you can use this and you should provide one occupantIds. If it works please let me know.

Sending message to private dialog · Issue #723 · QuickBlox , Sending messages to the private dialog does not work. type="chat" to="​"><body>Hi No problem​. of dialog: ID:5878a5c4a28f9ad847000175 Created At:2017-01-13  Is there a way to delete a Private Chat Dialog? I am using Android SDK 2.0 QBPrivateChatManager deleteDialog and getting a 200 response. After doing that and making this request GET https://api.qui

 let user = QBUUser() = UInt(arrDoctors[sender.tag].QuickBloxId)!
        user.fullName = arrDoctors[sender.tag].title.capitalizeFirst
        ServicesManager.instance().chatService.createPrivateChatDialog(withOpponent: user) { (response, dialog) in
            let chatvc = CHAT_STORYBOARD.instantiateViewController(withIdentifier: "ChatViewController") as! ChatViewController
            chatvc.dialog = dialog
            self.navigationController?.pushViewController(chatvc, animated: true)

Add myself to a dialog created by other user · Issue #237 · QuickBlox , I am using 2.5.1 of QuickBlox in Android. I am having trouble users join this event. I want to create a chat dialog when event is created and w I get the following in logcat log- But the control is not reaching the above mentioned function nor I am getting the chat in the dialog box. 04-11 10:13:59.118 1311-1331/ D/SMACK﹕ RCV (0):

How to implement a simple private chatting application using , How to implement a simple private chatting application using QuickBlox Android SDK. Ahmet Safa After a not existing dialog (chat) is created by another user. QuickBlox provides a way to organise a chat dialogs page where you can show all user's current chat dialogs. Dialogs can have next types: 1-1 private dialog - a chat dialog between 2 users. Group dialog - a chat dialog between many users. Open group dialog - open chat dialog, any user can join and chat here.

swift: Creating Dialog issue in private Chat with Quickblox, I am trying to implement private 1 to 1 chat with QuickBlox but following the Quickblox docs only shows for group chat in  hi! I got different issues as well. In my case I want to get which users is still online in my chatRoom, I want to know whenever users is still in my chatRoom or is he already leave the chat room, ussually i use "chatRoomDidChangeOnlineUsers:(NSArray *)onlineUsers roomJID:(NSString *)roomJID" function in IOS Quickblox library, this function will check whoever users are still in the room (in

quickblox, Since the Documentation for quickblox is new, you may need to create initial versions of those related topics. Create New Chat Dialog (private)#. QBChatDialog  Create a Public group chat dialog . It's also possible to create a public group chat, so any user from you application can join it. There is no a list with occupants, this chat is just open for everybody. To create a public group chat use the same logic as for group chat, but change the gialog's type to QBDialogType.PUBLIC_GROUP and don't pass