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t-field-option is not working.

I have tried

<span t-field="o.date_invoice" t-field-options='{"format": "MM/dd/yyyy"}'/>

Instead of using

<span t-field="o.date_invoice" t-field-options='{"format": "MM/dd/yyyy"}'/>


<span t-field="o.date_invoice" t-options='{"format": "MM/dd/yyyy"}'/>

Hope that helps!

Formatting dates in Qweb report: account , Formatting dates in Qweb report: account.report_overdue_document I also tried your second suggestion and the Odoo 10 (CE) server had  How can I format date in Odoo 10 QWeb report? you have used the correct way to format Qweb date, but sometimes there is problem in other thing and odoo gives

For those who arrive here from search engines, you can control display of date in form fields using widgets.

<field name="date_planned" widget="date"/>


<field name="date_planned" widget="datetime"/>

In v12, the date/datetime fields are python date/datetime objects and not string representations. The following python formatting will work in v12 reports:

<span t-esc="o.date_invoice.strftime('%m/%d/%Y')"/>

How can I format date in Odoo 8 QWeb report?, in odoo10. it prints mm-dd-yyyy format of date order. <span t-field="o.date_order" t-options="{"format": "MM-dd-yyyy"}" />. Report QWeb Parameter. This module allows you to add new parameters on QWeb reports. Currently, we have defined a field maximum on a report and a validation of maximal and minimal size. It is useful on xml reports in order to validate length. XML are sometimes XSD dependant and we must validate its format.

To display localized date strings. Try the following:

<span t-field="o.date_invoice" t-options="{&quot;widget&quot;: &quot;date&quot;}" />

How to format date in QWeb report, How to format date in QWeb report. If you need specific formatting for the date shown on your QWeb report, you can achieve that by defining the  Hear You can also set the custom date formate using function . Recommend:openerp - Set custom name to QWeb report in ODOO rs I have created qweb report for account.invoice model in ODOO.

To delete the time section:

<span t-field="o.date_invoice" t-field-options='{"widget": "date"}'/>

Use t-field-options instead of t-options

Do not change the position of the quotes in t-field-options

This code respects the format date according to lang/country.

Change Date format on odoo qweb report – supportuae, Quote Date : Change Date format on odoo qweb report <td class="col-xs-3"> <span style="color:white;"><strong>Quote Date 2019; (no title) December 10, 2019; add button on List View -odoo 12 November 28, 2019  Odoo reports can be customized with a basic understanding of qweb templates and formatting using bootstrap. Learn to customize reports in Odoo. This is a premium 90 minute long Odoo training video that shows practical report design and changes using qweb templates in Odoo 8.

Try this.

<span t-esc="datetime.datetime.strptime(o.sale_id.confirmation_date, '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S').strftime('%B %d,%Y')"/>

My Output is: May 28,2018

How to convert to datetime.datetime, Date formatting in python. Formatting dates in qweb reports day month year date format. How to create security groups in Odoo/ERP. How to add a group in. Reports are written in HTML/QWeb, like all regular views in Odoo. You can use the usual QWeb control flow tools.The PDF rendering itself is performed by wkhtmltopdf.. If you want to create a report on a certain model, you will need to define this Report and the Report template it will use.

Apply Date Format Odoo, If you want to specify your own format of date in Odoo qweb report you have to use t-field-options on html tags. Example: <td><![CDATA[  ]]>: <span​  How can I format date in Odoo 8 QWeb report? Edit Close Delete Flag César Bustíos Benites. 21 noviembre 2014. Anular subscripción Suscribir. Thanks for your

QWeb Reports, Reports are written in HTML/QWeb, like all regular views in Odoo. If you wish, you can also specify a specific Paper Format for this report. Finally of your format; format: either a predefined format (A0 to A9, B0 to B10, Legal, Letter, Tabloid,. for this problem "Qweb report sale.report_saleorder missing footer at PDF", i make some tests and i think that i found a solution but not good! the problem is in --margin-top (a parameter of wkhtmltopdf command), when he is defined and i print a sale order i have no footer.

qweb t-esc does not apply timezone with_context( tz=a_tz) · Issue , t-field can not be used as mentioned above. It's more elegant and odoo like than with_context(): timezone('UTC').localize(datetime.strptime(  Py3o Report Engine. The py3o reporting engine is a reporting engine for Odoo based on Libreoffice:. the report is created with Libreoffice (ODT or ODS), the report is stored on the server in OpenDocument format (.odt or .ods file)

  • In v12, the date/datetime fields are python date/datetime objects and not string representations. The following python formatting will work in v12: <span t-esc="o.date_invoice.strftime('%m/%d/%Y')"/> .
  • This is exactly what I was looking for! Odoo 12, in the when creating a purchase order in the 'Purchases' app, the datetime widget was adding too much information! I tried t-options='{"format": "yyyy/MM/dd"}' but that didn't work. Using widget="date" solved the problem. Thanks!
  • Note to Editors: Please DO NOT EDIT &quot; as this is how it should be added in the qweb editor, thanks