Anaconda Installed but Cannot Launch Navigator

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Anaconda (listed as "Python 3.6.0 (Anaconda 4.3.1 64 bit)" ) is in my programs and features list, but there is seeming no Anaconda Navigator desktop app, as their seems to be no icon on my desktop and I am unable to search for it through "Start". Could this be because I have the 32-bit version of Anaconda downloaded and I have a 64-bit OS (I thought I should do this because Python on my computer was 64-bit) or because I downloaded Anaconda under "users" instead of Desktop. I also downloaded Anaconda twice, if that could be causing some of the problem. I have a Windows 10 laptop, if that is any help.

Open up a command terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and try running this command:


When I installed Anaconda, and read the website docs, they said that they tend to not add a file or menu path to run the navigator because there are so many different versions of different systems, instead they give the above terminal command to start the navigator GUI and advise on setting up a shortcut to do this process manually - if that works for you it shouldn't be too much trouble to do it this way - I do it like this personally

Troubleshooting, If Navigator does not start up, go back to Anaconda installation and make sure We recommend that you always keep Navigator updated to the latest version. When I try to launch an App from Anaconda Navigator clicking the Launch button of related App in home, nothing happens. The apps are correctly installed and work fine if launched manually.

Try to

source ~/anaconda3/bin/activate root

Verifying your installation, If you cannot launch the Anaconda Navigator desktop app, you can still occur when Navigator was installed by a user with Administrator privileges, but you are​  Anaconda Navigator. Anaconda Navigator is a graphical user interface that is automatically installed with Anaconda. Navigator will open if the installation was successful. If Navigator does not open, review our help resources. Windows: Click Start, search or select Anaconda Navigator from the menu.

How I solved this issue: 1. Be connected to the internet. 2. Open the Anaconda Prompt (looks like a regular command window). If you installed the .exe in your /name/user/ location you should be fine, if not navigate to it. Then start an environment.

conda info --envs

Then run

conda install -c anaconda anaconda-navigator

Press y when prompted (if prompted). It will being downloading the packages needed.

Then run your newly installed Anaconda Navigator


It should start, and also appear in your regular windows 10 apps list.

Getting started with Anaconda, The default installation of Anaconda in Windows does not add the conda to the Another solution is to execute the Anaconda navigator, click on the left on the conda command should now work such that you can install the PyRPL dependencies. Problem: I cannot launch PyRPL, even though the installation finished  Now I can open the navigator, but it is not launching any of the applications! conda info Current conda install: platform : win-64 conda version : 4.3.29 conda is private : False conda-env version : 4.3.29 conda-build version : not installed python version : requests version : 2.14.2 root environment : C:\Anaconda3 (writable)

when you will type anaconda in windows 10 search bar it will give you the list as then in terminal you have to type anaconda-navigator as it will start anaconda on your machine.

Getting started with Navigator, It started my Anaconda Navigator, showing that green logo on the center of my screen, but after six (yes, 6) hours, it never loaded the Navigator. I finally run conda install -c anaconda python , which reinstalled Anaconda, and it could finally I cannot launch Anaconda after I had to hard shut-down my PC. When Navigator starts up, it verifies that Anaconda is installed. If Navigator does not start up, go back to Anaconda installation and make sure you followed all the steps. Check that Navigator is updated to the current version. When you start Navigator, it automatically checks for a new version.

Yet another option which worked in my case on Windows 10: Try uninstalling your previous installation, restart the system and run the installation again. Make sure you don't start any programs before installing Anaconda. You will find the installation finishes without prompting any kind of errors. Type in Anaconda in your Windows 10 Search bar. You will find Anaconda Prompt appear.

Common installation problems, Open up a command terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and try running this command: anaconda-navigator. When I installed Anaconda, and read the  What is Anaconda Navigator?¶ Anaconda Navigator is a desktop graphical user interface (GUI) included in Anaconda® distribution that allows you to launch applications and easily manage conda packages, environments, and channels without using command-line commands. Navigator can search for packages on Anaconda Cloud or in a local Anaconda Repository.

conda, We recommend using the Anaconda distribution to install Python, Spyder as Make sure to click Install for me only if the installer says: You cannot install Anaconda3 in this location. Anaconda may also be run from the calcfarm.ntnu.​no server, but it is highly Windows: You'll find Anaconda Navigator in the Start menu. Anaconda Navigator is a desktop graphical user interface included in Anaconda that allows you to launch applications and easily manage conda packages, environments and channels without the need to use command line commands.

Anaconda Installed but Cannot Launch Navigator, but after i finished installation, only "anaconda prompt" appears in the start menu,​(no navigator, jupyter, spyder,.) and when i open any command like "conda" doesn't work in anaconda prompt. I'm using window7. How can  We have Anaconda Navigator and from the anaconda terminal we installed Rtudio with the conda command. After we install it, we can launch it from the homepage of anaconda but we aren't able to see anything after launching it.

How to install and use Anaconda, conda update conda conda upadte anaconda-navigator plz subscribe like and share https Duration: 5:46 Posted: Mar 9, 2018 I installed Anaconda Python 2.7 for 64bit Ubuntu 16.04LTS But the navigator does not open up nor do any of it's applications like spyder or ipython show up when I search in the launcher. The root

  • any error message you are getting?
  • i think you may have the path problem you should set path as…
  • I am not getting an error message, I just don't know how I should go about launching the navigator.
  • From what I have seen online their should be a desktop app called Anaconda Navigator.
  • if you had successfully installed the anaconda the in windows 10 search bar you can type anaconda prompt to get the anaconda command line where you can start anaconda navigator by typing anaconda-navigator in anaconda prompt.
  • The issue you mentioned refers to Linux, while OP stated they're using Windows. The command even has forward slashes that won't work on Windows. What makes you think your answer is relevant?
  • Anaconda prompt is not showing up when I type it into my search bar. However, "Python 3.6.1 (Anaconda 4.4.0 32-bit)" is in my programs. Is Anaconda not fully installed?
  • Then anaconda is not successfully installed on your can follow to install anaconda on your windows.
  • I've followed the installation instructions through exactly, 3 times over, and at no stage has the anaconda-navigator command yielded any results (trying in Terminal, in Command Prompt, and in Anaconda Prompt); nor does anything containing 'anaconda' show up in my programs list or with a search. There is a directory though, at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Continuum\anaconda3. Weirdly, on opening Anaconda Prompt I see this message: "'C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Continuum\anaconda3\Scripts\activate.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command" ... any advice on that?
  • As per OP, he is facing issue in windows, and your answer is limited to Ubuntu
  • OP has already stated that he is tried search in the start menu