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I have a column containing the following strings:


I would like to replace every period . with the letter q.

How can I do this, either in R or Stata?

In R.

Consider your string is x <- c("1997.2", "1998.3", "2000.1", "2003.3","2008.4"), then you can use gsub to find and replace.

> gsub("\\.", "q", x)
[1] "1997q2" "1998q3" "2000q1" "2003q3" "2008q4"

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Another option is chartr in R

chartr(".", "q", x)
#[1] "1997q2" "1998q3" "2000q1" "2003q3" "2008q4"
x <- c("1997.2", "1998.3", "2000.1", "2003.3","2008.4")

Excel formula: Replace one character with another, To replace or substitute all occurrences of one character with another character, you can use the substitute function. In the example shown, the formula in C6 is: For example, to limit your search to a specific column, select that column first, and then open the Find and Replace dialog. Find cells with specific format in Excel To find cells with certain formatting, press the Ctrl + F shortcut to open the Find and Replace dialog, click Options , then click the Format… button in the upper right corner, and define your selections in Excel Find Format dialog box.

As @dash2 implies for R, you won't be much better off with such a string variable (not column) in Stata. You need a quarterly date variable which numerically is the number of quarters from the first quarter of 1960 and which is formatted as you please. Here I just use the default format for quarterly dates.

The essentials are all documented under help datetime:

 input str6 yourproblem 

 gen yoursolution = yq(real(substr(yourprob, 1, 4)), real(substr(yourprob, -1, 1)))

 format yoursol %tq 


     | yourpr~m   yourso~n |
  1. |   1997.2     1997q2 |
  2. |   1998.3     1998q3 |
  3. |   2000.1     2000q1 |
  4. |   2003.3     2003q3 |
  5. |   2008.4     2008q4 |

This also works:

gen alsoworks = quarterly(subinstr(yourprob, ".", " ", .), "YQ")
format alsoworks %tq 

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In Stata you can replace using subinstr() function.

For your case, you can use the following:

replace X = subinstr(X, ".", "q", .)

Here, X is your string variable. Read about subinstr() in Stata's help by typing help subinstr() in Stata

How to replace nth/all occurrences of a character in string in Excel?, And what if replacing all occurrence of this characters in the string? and Sheets into One; Merge Multiple Cells/Rows/Columns Without Losing Data; Merge  BTW, if only a smaller part of the rows contains that character to replace, it could be a good idea to keep the transaction size down by adding a WHERE clause. Simply add the following at the end of the UPDATE statement:

Stata has datetime variables that are integers with a special format label attached so that they are readable (for example zero is 1960q1, one is 1960q2, and so on). This allows you to use time series commands, operators and calculate durations. I suggest you convert your string to the year-quarter one. If you still want to keep the data as a string, then the second approach should work:

input str8 str_yq
gen yq = quarterly(str_yq,"YQ")
format yq %tq
gen yq2 = subinstr(str_yq,".","q",1)

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Using Excel Find and Replace in the most efficient way, However, it can search only in one Type the characters (text or number) to search Replace all or selected occurrences, or export the found cells, rows or columns to. The lines in your expected output seem to end in two space characters and have fields separated by one tab and one space character. If that's indeed what you want, then you'd need: Or with sed: @123, like I said, in the OP's expected output, every line ends in two space characters.

REPLACE, REPLACEB functions, REPLACE replaces part of a text string, based on the number of characters you specify, with a different Otherwise, REPLACEB counts each character as 1. Copy the example data in the following table, and paste it in cell A1 of a new Excel worksheet. If you need to, you can adjust the column widths to see all the data. In Excel, you can find out all character “S” first, then replace the character with nothing. 1. Select a range or the whole worksheet as you need, and press Ctrl + H to display Find and Replace dialog, then type S into the Find what textbox, and leave nothing in Replace

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