Connection "default" was not found with TypeORM

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I use TypeORM with NestJS and I am not able to save properly an entity.

The connection creation works, postgres is running on 5432 port. Credentials are OK too.

However when I need to save a resource with I got :

Connection "default" was not found.

    at new ConnectionNotFoundError (/.../ConnectionNotFoundError.ts:11:22)

I checked the source file of TypeORM ConnectionManager ( but it seems that the first time TypeORM creates connection it attributes "default" name if we don't provide one, which is the case for me.

I setup TypeORM with TypeOrmModule as

      type: config.db.type,
      port: config.db.port,
      username: config.db.user,
      password: config.db.password,
      database: config.db.database,
      entities: [
        __dirname + '/../../dtos/entities/*.entity.js',

Of course my constants are correct. Any ideas ?

You are trying to create a repository or manager without the connection being established.

Try doing this const shopkeeperRepository = getRepository(Shopkeeper); inside a function. it will work

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the upvoted answer is not necessarily correct, if you not specify the connection name it will default to "default".

const manager = getConnectionManager().get('your_orm_name');
const repository = manager.getRepository<AModel>(Model);

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Although Saras Arya has provided the correct answer, I have encountered the same error

ConnectionNotFoundError: Connection "default" was not found.

due to the fact that my typeORM entity did have an @Entity() decorator as well as that it had extended BaseEntity.

The two can't live together.

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For those of you looking for another answer, check this out.

In my case, the issue was because I was passing name in my db config.

export const dbConfig = {
    name: 'myDB',

await createConnection(dbConfig) // like this

As a result, the only connection server knows is myDB not default.

At the same time, in my service, repository was injected without name which will fallback to default. (Service will looking for default connection as a result)

@Service() // typedi
export class Service {
        // inject without name -> fallback to default
        @InjectRepository() private readonly repository
    ) {}

As a fix, I removed name property in my db config.

Or you can pass myDB as a parameter for InjectRepository like @InjectRepository('myDB'), either way works.

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  • I assume you must provide entities to the TypeORM configuration (e.g. entities: 'src/*/**.entity.ts').
  • Yes I have referenced my entities this way : entities: [ __dirname + '/../../dtos/entities/*.entity.js', ], I edit my post
  • Not if you're using active record pattern:…
  • Ut works fine when I launch it with ts-node and starts to fail after transpilation. What do you mean two can't live together? Can you elaborate?