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In my project i have to use youtube api and play only audio of the video. We must not show the youtube player. Is it possible to play only audio without showing video using youtube api?

Extraction may be the incorrect implied word here. From what I understand, is user133611 wants to have an audio only stream from YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube directly forbids it. Here is a quote from Kuan Yong from the YouTube API team:

Your API Client will not, and You will not encourage or create functionality for Your users or other third parties to:

"separate, isolate, or modify the audio or video components of any YouTube audiovisual content made available through the YouTube API"

-Kuan Yong, YouTube API Team

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Can we play only audio using youtube api for iPhone, If you use audio only mode in youtube music app your data will cost less and your battery will also last longer. On any tab or in the video player, toggle between video mode and audio mode. How do I play audio only on YouTube iOS app? This is a step by step guide on how to play audio and music while using other apps on your phone. I basically stumbled upon this secret by accident and thought I would share it with you all! You

I don't think this is really possible only using Youtube API. The Youtube API is not intended to be used for "downloading" videos/audio from them. You should go here, to understand what the Youtube API is really about.

A small abstract:

Unless I am missing something really big, the Youtube API consists of 5 main parts:

Data API Custom Player YouTube Direct Player APIs Widgets

None of this APIs allow you to for example "download" a video. Also I think (correct me if I'm wrong), that in a youtube video, the audio is actually embedded in the flash video, making the task even less trivial.

To illustrate you, the Data API, allows you to perform and use the youtube video search capabilities, use playlist capabilities and many more of the operations available on the YouTube website.

That have being said, the Youtube API, can be used for example to upload a video from your iPhone to youtube, as this example illustrates.

My Thoughts:

I think that extracting the audio from a youtube video, is actually possible, but involves a whole different process of downloading the video in H264 and then extracting the audio... but it still involves downloading the whole video.

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Is the audio only prohibition still valid? Streamus is available as a Chrome Extension. It streams audio only from YT - see website

Pragmatically play only audio from YouTube API under iOS, Just for the record, we are going to use the YouTube API v3, as this is we'll use a helper library from Google that will “create” the player and  This easy trick allows you to keep YouTube playing in the background on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad or Android). This trick is primarily useful for listening to music and podcasts (where the

Well, one can simply give the video a width and height of 1px, or better yet do:

.video { text-indent: -9999px; }

And then force the video to play via the API controls. But I wouldn't do it as it is against their TOS and would result in my app being blocked if they find out.

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If it is against TOS, the op should just drop the idea of implementing his idea.

Just imagine the free music everyone will be streaming out of the promo videos of major videos on youtube!

How to play mp3 audio from YouTube URL in ios swift? : swift, Download Music TV - Player for YouTube and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. With Music TV you can also add YouTube music videos and playlists to your playlist, so in effect, you have unlimited, access to music video and audio!! If you have songs in a format that iPhone won't play, you can convert them a number of ways. The easiest way to play audio in a format that iPhone supports is to use iTunes to convert the songs. However, if the music isn't stored in iTunes, there are also audio file converters you can use.

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Embed YouTube Videos in iOS Applications with the YouTube , Learn How to play youtube videos in the background on your iPhone running Also, if at first your YouTube's audio stops, return to control center's music controls to reinitiate playback. Third party YouTube music player apps circumvent the YouTube website's Works Only in Safari; This worked for me. You get ad free videos, background playback, and audio playback with the screen locked. I use this on my phone quite a bit. In addition to the extra YouTube features, you get ad free Google Play Music, and all on-demand features, meaning you can play any song, album, artist, whatever, on demand as long as its in their catalog.